Joining the lab

(Department of Biology retreat photo 2015)

The Department of Biology at the University of Rochester is an exciting, collaborative, and intellectually stimulating place to work or study. The Larracuente lab is part of the E2G2 program – a tight-knit group with strengths in evolutionary genetics and genomics. Our lab has a diverse group of geneticists and evolutionary geneticists broadly interested in genome evolution. One of our main interests is in understanding how selfish genetic elements shape genome evolution. If you are excited about genetics, genomics, and evolution, we might be a great match for you! We encourage applications from students and postdocs who share our research interests and our lab’s values.

Interested in joining our lab? See opportunities below.

  • Prospective graduate students interested in joining the lab should contact Amanda Larracuente at and apply to the University of Rochester graduate program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology through the Department of Biology PhD program. We also accept PhD students through the Cell, Development, and Molecular Biology program and the Genetics and Stem Cells program at URMC.
  • Prospective postdocs should send Amanda Larracuente a description of  prior and future research interests, a CV, and contact information for references.
  • Undergraduates interested in working in computational biology, Drosophila genetics or fireflies should fill out an undergraduate research interest form.