Journal club

Summer 2016
EEB Lunch Journal Club
Stop by HH316 Tuesdays at 12:30 to chat or give rapid fire presentations about interesting research. All EEB students, faculty and postdocs are encouraged to come!

Spring 2016
Bio580 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Lunch Journal Club
Topic: Genome evolution/potpourri
Instructor: Amanda Larracuente

Class times: Tuesdays 12:30 – 1:45 pm (HH 316)

All registered students are required to read and discuss a paper each week and lead discussions at least twice. Paper selections must be received and approved by Amanda one week prior to the discussion. Registered grad student papers should be on the (very) broad topic of genome evolution. For rapid fire meetings, pick a paper that you can describe in a slide or two to the group. Please send slides to Amanda before noon the day of Journal Club (for rapid fire meetings only).

Date Leader Paper
19-Jan Amanda Organizational meeting
26-Jan  Emerson  R2d2
2-Feb  Steve  Ant social parasitism
9-Feb  Rome  Supergenes in the alpine silver ant and fire ants
16-Feb  Ching-Ho Yeast centromeres
23-Feb  Rome  host-virus horizontal transfer
1-Mar  Emerson low TEs in arthropod asexuals
15-Mar Binshuang                               Advantages of sex in yeast
22-Mar  Steve  ERVs and immunity
29-Mar  Ching-Ho  kin discrimination in Bacillus
5-Apr  Adam Decanalization in Drosophila
12-Apr  Cara Re-engineered PRDM9 reverses hybrid sterility
19-Apr  Mary  plasticity
26-Apr  Sarah  group selection in spiders
3-May  Longjun  chromosome rearrangements