Lab Pictures

Larracuente lab May 2021: Our first in-person lab meeting since March 2020.
Some of the Larracuente lab members showing off their GLAM EvoGen 2020 t-shirts this summer. Although we were apprehensive about moving GLAM EvoGen online due to COVID-19, it was a huge success. We had a week of fantastic trainee talks from institutions all over the Great Lakes region.
Our cookie creation: fireflies in the snow
Lab holiday party 2019
Larracuente lab – 2019
Larracuente lab fall 2017 (missing Danielle Pascua)
Larracuente lab viewing the 2017 solar eclipse
Larracuente lab summer 2016

Holiday party 2015 12/2015

The lab won the first annual gingerbread lab making contest at the Fu-Ghaemmaghami-Larracuente Labs’ joint holiday party!
The winning gingerbread Larracuente lab!


Lab Warming party 11/2015

Discussing Galton’s 1906 letter to the editor of Nature about how to properly cut cake for two people of “moderate appetite”. (11/15)
Mitotic FISH cake showing our favorite satellite DNA (Responder) for the lab warming party. (11/15)
Danna’s outrageously cute Drosophila deviled eggs served at the Larracuente lab warming party. (11/15)
Are those polytene chromosomes made out of Oreo cookies?? Yes, they are! Ching-Ho’s work of art. (11/15)


Professors Fu and Eickbush discussing something very important. (11/15)

Dani’s qualifying exam 9/2015

Some EEB folks celebrating Danielle’s successful qualifying exam (9/15)


Larracuente lab summer 2015
Larracuente lab summer 2015