Lab meetings

Lab meetings are Thursdays at 2:30pm in HH 337

The schedule for Summer 2016 is below:

5/19        Round table journal watch
5/26           Field trip!

Journal Watch meetings
About once per month, the lab has a “round table journal watch” meeting. Every member of the lab is in charge of scanning one or more journals for interesting articles to highlight during lab meetings. These are informal meetings!
Journal assignments are below:

Journal Link Person
PLoS Biology Ching-Ho
PLoS Genetics Amanda
MBE Emerson
GBE Amanda
Genetics Danna
Cell Ching-Ho
G3 Emerson
Current Biology Ching-Ho
Science Amanda, Mackenzie
Nature Alex
Nature Genetics Emerson
Heredity Amanda
PNAS Christian
Genome Research
Haldane’s Sieve Arif
Plant journals Christian