Journal Club Nov 19, 2019

Please join us this Tuesday at 11:05 – 12:15 in Hutch 316. Songeun and Lauren will be presenting these papers: “Rapid and adaptive evolution of MHC genes under parasite selection in experimental vertebrate populations.” by Eizaguirre et al., 2012 and “Immunogenetic novelty confers a selective advantage in host-pathogen coevolution.” by Phillips et al., 2018.

Journal Club Nov 12, 2019

Please join us this Tuesday at 11:05 – 12:15 in Hutch 316. Emery and Rose will be presenting these papers focusing on negative frequency dependent selection: “Mating advantage of rare males in wild guppy populations” by Hughes et al., 2013 and “Herbivore-Mediated Interaction Promotes the Maintenance of Trichome Dimorphism through Negative Frequency-Dependent Selection” by Sato and Kudoh, 2017.

Journal Club Nov 5, 2019

Please join us this Tuesday at 11:05 – 12:15 in Hutch 316. Omid and I will be presenting the papers “Genomic Evidence of Rapid and Stable Adaptive Oscillations over Seasonal Time Scales in Drosophila” by Bergland et al. (2014), and “Signatures of Environmental Genetic Adaptation Pinpoint Pathogens as the Main Selective Pressure through Human Evolution” by Fumagalli et al. (2011).

Bergland et al. Figure 2A. Allele frequency change at each of the ∼1750 seasonal SNPs

Journal Club Sept 12, 2019

To start a new semester of Journal Club, please join us this Thursday at 11:05 – 12:15 in Hutch 316. Nilima and Lauren will be presenting the papers Berg and Coop, 2014 “A population genetic signal of polygenic adaptation” and Turchin et al., 2012 “Evidence of widespread selection on standing variation in Europe at height-associated SNPs”.

The Uy lab relocates to E2G2

We’re happy to announce the recruitment of Drs. Al Uy and Floria Mora Kepfer Uy to Rochester’s E2G2 program!  Al and Floria will move their Tropical Biology Lab from the University of Miami to our own Biology Department in January 2020.  Al brings his research program on the ecology and genomics of speciation in birds, and Floria hers on the evolution and neural basis of cooperative behavior in social wasps.

Chen Lab Tea Madness Results

The winning tea of the Chen Lab Tea Bracket this year was Kusmi Anastasia. After weeks of rigorous tea tasting, Dr. Nancy Chen won the bracket and is said to still be basking in the coveted Tea Bracket glory. This Tea Madness is going to be an annual tradition, with other labs invited to participate with nominating tea challengers, filling out tea brackets, or just coming to tastings.