Departmental Picnic

Please join us TODAY at the Department picnic on the Carlson Library veranda. Chef Hiram will be flipping hamburgers, veggie burgers, and hot dogs. There will also be a variety of salads, chips, desserts and drinks.

The Department will provide the food and drink…you bring the sunshine!! See you all there!

Tour de Franzia in honor of Dr. Anthony Geneva

We have a little tradition in the Biology Department where we hold a Tour de Franzia for graduate students who successfully defend their thesis. This past weekend we celebrated Dr. Geneva using brand new, big-wheel tricycles. The results were pretty stellar! Looking forward to many more defense parties in the future (including one tomorrow night at Nox in the Village Gate… come celebrate Yasir!!)

Congrats to Dr. Anthony Geneva

Congratulations to Anthony Geneva from the Glor and Garrigan Labs who successfully defended his dissertation about “Integrative analyses of speciation in Anolis lizards”. There will be cake and champagne to celebrate Dr. Geneva in the grad student lounge today at 2pm. Anthony will be heading off to Harvard to start a post-doc in Jonathan Losos lab.

There will also be a party tonight at Bob’s house to celebrate both Anthony’s successful defense and Yasir’s (impending) successful defense!

FullSizeRender (3)

Upcoming Thesis Defenses!

This summer has been quite productive for a few of our graduate students. Here are some upcoming thesis defenses happening this summer, hope to see you all there!

Anthony Geneva (Co-Advisors: Rich Glor and Dan Garrigan)
Friday, August 7, 10:00 AM, Hutch 473
“Integrative analyses of speciation in Anolis lizards”

Yasir Ahmed, (Advisor: Allen Orr)
Tuesday, August 11, 11:00 AM, Hutch 473
“The genetics of species differences in the Drosophila virilis group”

Frogs and Salamanders at Mendon Ponds!

This spring the EEB department had lots of fun searching for frogs and salamanders at Mendon Ponds! Our fearless leader, Anthony, took us on multiple trips and we saw all sorts of creatures. Below are just two of the animals we saw on our trips. Seeing the salamander was particularly amazing because this species only come out once a year to mate in the ephemeral ponds, otherwise they live deep underground. We look forward to going out next year!

Journal Club 4/21: Balancing Selection

This week we’ll be reading about the maintenance of variation through balancing selection:

Bergland AO, Behrman EL, O’Brien KR, Schmidt PS, Petrov DA. 2014. Genomic evidence of rapid and stable adaptive oscillation over seasonal time scales in Drosophila. PLoS Genet. 10(11): e1004775.

Turchin MC, Chiang CWK, Palmer CD, Sankararaman S, Reich D, GIANT Consortium, Hirschhorn JN. 2012. Evidence of widespread selection on standing variation in Europe at height-associated SNPs. Nat. Genet. 44(9): 1015-1021.

Journal Club (April 7th) Epistasis and quantitative variation

Next week we will be discussing two papers on epistasis and quantitative variation in Drosophila:

Wen et al. (2012) Epistasis dominates the genetic architecture of Drosophila quantitative traits. PNAS 109 (39) 15553-15559.

Ober et al. (2012) Using Whole-Genome Sequence Data to Predict Quantitative Trait Phenotypes in Drosophila melanogaster. PLoS Genet 8(5): e1002685.