Summer 2022 Review

A lot happened this summer, and as the fall semester starts now is a good time to celebrate!

  • Congratulations to Matthew, Xiaomi, and MarĂ­a on passing your qualifying exams!
  • Several department members presented at Evolution, ABS, and GSA’s Yeast Genetics Meeting and GLAM-EvoGen. Special shout out to Shailee for winning the Allee Award at ABS for her presentation!
  • Nilima did an internship at Amyris in California.
  • Jeremy submitted his first paper on species distribution models.
  • The Fay lab did some intense sample collecting across vineyards and wineries in the finger lakes region to isolate yeasts. Bob Minckley also joined to collect bees.
  • The Chen lab traveled together to Archbold Biological station in Florida to meet their collaborators and the Florida Scrub-Jays.
  • We had a great time with the summer kickball league, and even won some games!

Chen lab members and alumnus at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of Evolution 2022

UR Biology kickball team glowing with pride!