Spring 2023 Review

2023 isn’t even half over yet, but already there are a lot of things to celebrate in the E2G2 department!

First, there have been a lot of grant and award recipients in our department:

  • Cheyenne and Faye both received the NSF GRFP based on their proposed research!
  • Shailee and Kevin both received the NSF PRFB!
  • MarĂ­a received the ABS Student Research Grant with recognition for contributions to justice, equity diversity and inclusion to fund her upcoming behavioral experiments in Colombia!
  • Jeremy received the SSE Rosemary Grant Award to fund sequencing Florida Scrub-Jay genomes! He also received the the Edward Peck Curtis Award from the U of R for excellence in teaching!
  • Emiliano was selected to present at the upcoming Genetics Day!
  • Matt received an award for his poster at the Annual Drosophila Research Conference!

We have also been able to attend or hold some great events:

  • Matt, Emiliano, and Cecile all presented at the Annual Drosophila Research Conference!
  • We celebrated Xiaolu’s thesis defense with our traditional tricycle race “Tour de Franzia” (pictured below)
  • After several years worth of attempts, on the warm, wet night of April 5th we got to witness the yellow-spotted salamander spawning! Our previous amphibian searches were usually too early or too late, but this time we witnessed tens of salamanders writhing together in a vernal pool!