Sustainability Superstar: Stephanie Barrett

Stephanie Barrett is a librarian on the River Campus who works with students and faculty in the American Sign Language, anthropology, linguistics, and public health disciplines. Prior to becoming a… Sustainability Superstar: Stephanie Barrett

Sustainability Superstars: Horticulture and Grounds

Horticulture and grounds manager John McIntyre and the entire grounds department have been consistently making progress in keeping our campus beautiful in a sustainable fashion. Thanks to their hard work,… Sustainability Superstars: Horticulture and Grounds

Sustainability Superstar: April Luehmann

April Luehmann, Associate Professor, Warner School of Education, is the program director of Get Real! Science (GRS). GRS doubles as a teacher education program and offers out-of-school programming for students to… Sustainability Superstar: April Luehmann

Sustainability Superstar: Tracey Austin

Tracey Austin, Transportation Coordinator, Department of Transportation and Parking Management, is an avid bike commuter and instructor. Tracey teamed up with the Green Reps to write the May newsletter which… Sustainability Superstar: Tracey Austin