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    Environmental Movies to Watch on Netflix

    If you’re like most college students (or really anyone, let’s be honest), you’ve spent a good few hours watching shows and movies on Netflix. Many of us probably feel guilty about the time we’ve wasted on the beloved… Read More

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    The Central Utilities Plant was originally built in 1970 and has been an integral part of the University for over 40 years now. The plant provides steam, electricity, hot water, and chilled water to the University of Rochester… Read More

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    Student’s Corner

    Working for Facilities’ Support Operations Department with the Recycling Program at the University of Rochester this summer, I am given the opportunity to help out in some pretty great events that not only provide a convenience, but also… Read More

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    Three sustainable travel tips

    With summer on the way, students, faculty, and staff are frequently looking to travel! Ecotourism is a great traveling alternative, but if that is not a good fit, travelers can enact ways to be sustainable themselves on their… Read More

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    Summer Projects

    Who doesn’t love summer? With the harsh winter we had this year in Rochester, this one feels particularly rewarding. One of the perks of summer here is that we are able to hire student interns to join Facilities… Read More

University Facilities and Services Mission

To create and manage a physical environment that promotes academics, student life, healthcare, research, and public service at the University of Rochester through our core values of teamwork, trust, integrity, professionalism and quality.

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(Pictured Above from left to right: Patricia Beaumont, Director of Support Operations, Glenn Smith, President of APPA, and Fazeelah Chappell, Acting Recycling Coordinator)   On July 24, 2014, the University of Rochester was awarded the prestigious APPA 2014 Sustainability… Read More

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How to Recycle – Ink Jet and Toner Cartridges You can mail ink jet and toner cartridges to University Mail Services. Please place in original or replacement packaging and mail to PO Box 270001. On River Campus, you… Read More

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2013 Milestones

Each year the University of Rochester updates its Sustainability Milestones. The modernization of the Central Utilities chillers is one of the accomplishments. 2013 includes accomplishments in the areas of Computing, Ecology, Energy, Hazardous Materials LEED, Power Plant, Purchasing, and… Read More

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