Carmen Marshall is smiling and siting in front of a brick wallCARMEN MARSHALL is a member of the Class of 2025 majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Psychology and hails from Chicago. She is interested in equity in the environmental sciences, environmental justice and conservation, and community outreach. On campus, Carmen is the Business Manager of Grassroots, the Co-President of The Pact (a peer mentorship program for local high-schoolers), the Secretary of Sustainability in student government, as well as a teaching assistant. In Summer 2023, Carmen participated in the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program, where she learned about a variety of conservation and sustainability perspectives she hopes to apply to her work with Facilities Team Green! Outside of school, Carmen likes to play soccer, read as many books as possible, and is learning how to crochet!


Sarah Woodams sitting in the O of the Meliora sign with Rush Rhees in the backgroundSARAH WOODAMS is a member of the Class of 2024 and is double majoring in Environmental Studies and Studio Art and double minoring in Sustainability and Digital Media Studies. She is also doing a Take 5 in Gender, Sexuality, and Society. Sarah grew up in Rochester and is passionate about making UR and her home city more sustainable. She is also the President of UR Photography Club and the Publisher of the Campus Times in addition to doing layout, writing, and taking photos. Outside of school, Sarah enjoys reading mysteries, getting stressed out about the Buffalo Bills, and exploring the Rochester area with her friends.


picture of Alyssa Horng standing in front of Rush Rhees LibraryALYSSA HORNG is a member of the Class of 2026 and is double majoring in Environmental Studies and Brain & Cognitive Sciences. She is especially interested in the intersection between the two and wants to explore the best ways to inform and motivate others to act sustainably. Originally from San Francisco, California, Alyssa has always sought to contribute to environmental action wherever she is, and she is looking forward to doing so with Facilities Team Green during her time here in Rochester. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys spending time outside through running and is a member of the cross country and track teams at UR. 




picture of Lauren Caruso sitting in front of flowersLAUREN CARUSO (she/they) came to the University of Rochester in 2014 to create community-engaged learning programs in the College’s Center for Community Engagement and, as an active member of environmental justice movements, participated in a number of University sustainability efforts. In June 2023, they joined the Sustainability Office to manage communication, engagement, and education priorities and to help build a culture of sustainability at the University.

Lauren holds a MPA specializing in nonprofit management and public policy from New York University and a BA in sociology from SUNY Cortland. She volunteers with Taproot Collective and Friends of Ganondagan. Lauren lives in southwest Rochester with her family where she can often be found fussing in her garden, finding moments to read, joking about pop culture, and working on a mindful practice. Lauren grew up in the Rochester area where she had formative nature-based experiences in urban, suburban, and rural settings and identifies her values based on the privilege and access they’ve been afforded.


IMG_1043AMY KADRIE (she/her) is the manager of the Sustainability Office. She came to the University of Rochester in October of 2008 as the recycling coordinator. She earned her B.S. degree in Environmental Studies at the College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, NY, and studied Rainforest and Reef Ecology in Australia. To balance off her science-based background and tap into the social aspects of sustainability, Amy is currently pursing a M.S. in Human Development at the Warner School. Prior to her position at the University of Rochester, Amy worked for The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources as a compliance officer. Her passion for sustainability grew from her childhood love of nature and appreciation for the outdoors and her firm belief that we’re all responsible for our actions, including the way we treat this planet.

Amy’s role is to manage, plan, direct, and promote University Facilities and Services’ sustainability programs. She fosters and coordinates new ideas and concepts for sustainability programming, working with various departments and areas of the University. She works to monitor and evaluate program effectiveness, define goals, track performance metrics and a develop plans for sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Throughout her time here, Amy has spearheaded many programs and initiatives including the annual E-Cycle Day and Shred Fest events to responsibly collect personal items of employees and students, the Move-Out Cleanout program to donate unwanted dorm items at the end of the year, the Green Reps employee engagement program, and many more. When she is not working to save the planet, Amy enjoys yoga, reading, walking and being outdoors, volunteer work, and most of all, being the mother of two amazing daughters.


Past Team Members:

LUGARDO MARROQUIN is a member of the Class of 2024 and is majoring in International Relations and double-minoring in Audio and Music Engineering and Music. Experiencing environmental inequalities in his home-town in Texas and in his mother/fatherland of Mexico, Lugardo’s interest in sustainability is a result of his pursuit to not only seek solutions to climate change but to make sure to solve it in a equitable manner in order to end environmental racism and achieve climate justice. 

In the Summer of 2022, Lugardo was gifted the Discover Research Grant for his research on the environmental inequalities marginalized communities face in Mexico. Furthermore, in 2021, Lugardo interned for the chicago-based, environmental organization Tradewater, assisting in new reduction and mitigation projects on greenhouse gasses. Both experiences gave him the skills of interdisciplinary research—gathering information of all forms from anthropological accounts and visual media, to scientific accounts—as well as finding intersections between racial and gender inequalities and environmental disparities. During his time with Team Green Facilities, he hopes to make information on sustainability as accessible as possible and find new ways to not only be sustainable, but also to make the spaces we occupy (whether it be on campus or off) more equitable. Outside of classes, Lugardo enjoys listening to music, producing music, and drawing.


MAHNOOR RAZA is a member of the Class of 2024 and is double majoring in Political Science and English Literature. Hailing from Pakistan, which is among the 10 countries most vulnerable to climate change, Mahnoor’s interest in sustainability is a result of her passion for seeking climate justice and solutions both at home and in Rochester. She is primarily interested in the intersections between art, policy, and climate change.

In the summer of 2022, Mahnoor interned with Rochester’s Office of Energy and Sustainability, which gave her the opportunity to learn more about the city sustainability and energy efficiency efforts, as well as the various racial, gender, and socioeconomic factors that must be taken into consideration to ensure equitable climate action. Mahnoor is the Editor-in-Chief for Logos, the Vice President of the Writing Fellows Program, and the Culture Editor for Campus Times. During her time with Team Green Facilities, she hopes to explore and spread the word about the University’s various sustainability initiatives. Outside of classes, Mahnoor enjoys reading, creative writing, and traveling.


HANYIA AHMED is a member of the Class of 2022 and is majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with minors in Sustainability and Computer Science. Having lived in Karachi, Pakistan for a major part of her life, she realized the importance of making sustainable practices accessible and affordable for all. She is particularly interested in developing renewable energy that is accessible to all. At her time at the University of Rochester, Hanyia has been an EcoRep, Vice President and Secretary for Engineers for A Sustainable World, and enjoys promoting sustainable practices among her peers and the community at the University. Outside of classes, Hanyia enjoys biking, traveling and spending time with friends.


ZEIN TYNON is a member of the Class of 2024 studying Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, and Environmental Engineering. His time living in Norway showed him how truly beautiful nature is and how we can make an impact in saving our planet. Zein’s goal is to help the world find ways to work alongside nature without hurting the environment, which he started by promoting sustainability to his hallmates and peers through the EcoReps program. He believes he can make an even bigger impact with Facilities Team Green, reaching out to the entire University Community.

Outside of Zein’s academic and professional commitments, he enjoys playing soccer, being outdoors, spending time with friends, and reading. He is always up to hearing other people’s experiences with sustainability, especially here at UR, and any suggestions for our campus.


KELLY JEAN is a member of the Class of 2021 majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Deeply concerned about deforestation and climate change, he developed his keen passion for the environment at the Green club of his high school. Being currently an EcoRep at the University, Kelly enjoys promoting sustainable manner around the campus, whether by advertising green events or hosting sustainable programs in his hall. He considers Facilities Team Green as one more way to spread environmental awareness among students, faculty as well as the Rochester community.

Kelly is from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He is very passionate about visual art, from pencil drawing to graphic design. Computer science and outdoor activities are also parts of Kelly’s interests.


EMILY SU is a member of the class of 2022 studying Public Health (Health Policy), Business, and Music. She developed her love for environmentalism and sustainability through her annual family trips to various National Parks around the country. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Emily excitedly joined the EcoReps program during her first year of college at the University of Rochester and will be continuing her work with ResLife as an RA in Fall 2019.

Emily is also on the E-board of the Rice Crew dance team on campus and a proud member of the Medallion Society. When she is not organizing events or socializing with friends, you’ll often find her in a local coffee shop, listening to music and designing her planner. Emily is excited for her work with Facilities Team Green and looks forward to giving back to the environment that provides us all with life and beauty.


DAX EMERSON is a member of the Class of 2021, pursuing a degree in Anthropology. Deeply invested in studying the development of human cultures over time, Dax has always been curious about how our species has utilized and changed the global environment. His interest in agriculture led Dax to pursue a number of research projects throughout middle and high school. When Dax learned of the EcoReps program upon admittance to the University of Rochester, Dax knew he had to sign up. Dax went on to become a coordinator for the EcoReps program, wherein open dialogue and thoughtful inquiry into the concept of sustainability was encouraged.

Dax is from Round Rock, TX, and remains a Texan at heart wherever he goes.  However, he is honored to be a member of the University of Rochester community, and looks forward to continuing to explore the city.  Outside of Facilities Team Green, Dax loves to run, study geography, volunteer at urban farms in Rochester, and practice the Japanese language.  After graduation, Dax hopes to teach English and urban agriculture in Japan for some time.


OLIVIA GIOVANNINI-DOLAN is a member of the class of 2020, studying Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Environmental Studies. Her love and respect for nature stem from growing up in the Finger Lakes, a region known for its natural beauty and environmental activism. Olivia is passionate about immersing herself in the local community to learn more about Rochester and hopefully help bring about positive social and environmental change to our home here and ultimately, our home on this planet. She believes that being a part of Team Green will help give her the knowledge and tools to do so!

Outside of the Facilities Team Green, Olivia spends her time as a peer facilitator on campus and serves on the E-board of Sigma Delta Tau. She finds joy in being outside, running, reading, adventuring and spending time with friends.


PAT BEAUMONT earned her mechanical engineering degree from rival RIT, yet the University of Rochester is thrilled to have Pat as the Director of Support Operations in the Facilities and Services Department. She began her career as an intern at Carrier Corporation during the oil crisis of the early 1980’s, testing room temperatures to verify that they were not wasting energy by being excessively cooled. Early on in her tenure at the U of R Pat worked as an Energy Engineer on lighting and mechanical (HVAC -heating, ventilation and air conditioning) projects to reduce the University’s energy use.

Pat has a firm belief that being sustainable is the right thing to do, especially since it is so often easy. In her current position, she has been extremely proactive in getting her department to go green. She helped implement a computer policy to automatically turning off computers when not in use; establish paper reduction programs including double sided copying, sharing printers; and install occupancy sensors on indoor lights. The department is also encouraged to shut blinds, use the stairs, attend sustainable meetings, and generally act in a sustainable manner. When she isn’t enforcing sustainable procedures at the University or writing for The Green Dandelion, Pat enjoys spending her time outdoors while skiing and golfing, and does yoga and boot camp when the weather gets bad.


ANAMARIA FLORES is a University of Rochester class of 2021 member studying Microbiology in pursuit of a career in veterinary medicine. Growing up in her home town of Miami Beach, Florida, she has seen the direct consequences of pollution and climate change which sparked her passion for environmental issues. In high school she was president of her school’s Scuba Club and worked on marine pollution projects with SEAFAN and the Miami Science Barge. She enjoys volunteering with nonprofit organizations such as the South Florida Wildlife Center and Cat Network to work on rehabilitation and invasive species projects. As the environmental sustainability assistant, Anamaria plans on continuing her advocacy for environmental efforts in Rochester addressing local issues.

Growing up by the ocean, Anamaria loves being outside whether it’s scuba diving to new depths or hiking up mountains. She is an certified advanced open water scuba diver and has section hiked the Appalachian trail. Additionally, Anamaria is a member of Sigma Delta Tau. In her free time she enjoys finding new vegan restaurants, creating art, and exploring new places.


ISABEL LIEBERMAN is a member of the class of 2021 studying Anthropology, Linguistics, and French. Growing up spending time outdoors hiking, camping, and cross-country skiing sparked her love of the outdoors and environmentalism. From then on she became passionate about environmental issues such as climate change and environmental justice. She is excited to learn more about sustainability and to make a positive impact upon the University community through her position as the Writer Intern of Facilities Team Green.

Isabel is also member of Phi Sigma Sigma and Grassroots. When not working she enjoys listening to music, painting and drawing, and spending time with friends.


TEDDI SHAPIRO is a member of the class of 2019 who studied Marketing, Psychology, and Sustainability. Her passion for the environment was sparked early on by her family, who always pushed her to think consciously about the decisions she made and the effect they would have on the earth. From there, Teddi’s interest in the environment grew, and she spent her first year at the University of Rochester as an EcoRep. By the end of the year, Teddi knew that she wanted to continue having an active role in sustainability efforts on campus. She hopes that joining the Facilities Team Green gave her the opportunity to do just that, as well as further her sustainability knowledge.

When not working, Teddi can be found tossing discs with the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, or roaming around the library. Teddi is also a member of the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority. In her free time, Teddi enjoys playing music, drinking tea, and going on adventures with friends.


MARIAH GREICO is a University of Rochester class of 2018 member who pursued a degree in Environmental Studies. She spent childhood summers camping and developed a deep love for nature and the world around her. Mariah dove into sustainability efforts on campus by becoming an EcoRep. Through the EcoReps program, she learned about many other sustainability groups and initiatives on campus, including Facilities Team Green, which she looks forward to being an active part of.

Additionally, Mariah is a brother of the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity and a LEAP tutor for elementary schoolers through the Rochester Center for Community Leadership. In her free time, Mariah enjoys listening to music, making desserts to share with friends, going on long walks, and getting fresh local food from the Public Market.


EmmaBriggsEMMA BRIGGS is a member of the class of 2018 who majored in International Relations with a double minor in History and Legal Studies. Emma’s interest in sustainability stems for her focus on politics and current issues. She understands the importance and impact of political dialogue centered on the environment. Due to her love of traveling, Emma greatly appreciates the world around her and wants to help preserve it. By being on Facilities Team Green, she hoped to gain a greater understanding of sustainability and that she positively contributed to making our campus (and the world) a better place.

Emma was the Vice President of UR SEGway (Survivor Empowerment Group) and a sister of Alpha Phi. In her free time, Emma enjoys listening to music, exploring Rochester in search of coffee, and spending time with friends and family.


MICHAELA BURRELL is a member for the class of 2020 who studied Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Her interest in environmental conservation developed during her freshman year of high school when her older sister encouraged her to join the recycling club. Throughout high school, she became increasingly concerned about the effects of climate change on animals, particularly bird species. Michaela was an EcoRep during her first year at the Univeristy, and was the 2017-2018 president of GreenSpace. Through her role with Facilities Team Green, she hopes that she was able to spread further awareness of sustainability while increasing her own knowledge on this topic and the debates surrounding it.

Michaela is from Corning, New York. She is a member of the University of Rochester Track & Field team. Her interests include birdwatching and caring for her plants.


Alyssa LemireALYSSA LEMIRE is a member of the class of 2017 who double majored in Environmental Studies and Public Health. Alyssa has been interested in preserving our world and its inhabitants since learning in Elementary School about climate change and the effects it has on our planet. She hopes that by by promoting ecofriendly behaviors and sustainability efforts, she had a positive impact on our campus .

Originally from Rhode Island, Alyssa loves being outdoors. Among her favorite activities are kayaking and hiking. Here at the University of Rochester she was on the Women’s Rugby Team and the Club Softball team. When she wasn’t on the field, you could find her working on health initiatives around campus. Alyssa was part of the Health Promotion Office in UHS, a student co-chair of the New York State Health Association, and a member of the Student Health Advisory Committee. Alyssa is also a sister of Alpha Phi, and served as Marketing Chairwomen. In her spare time, she can be found obsessing over teacup pigs or reading an unhealthy amount of fiction novels.


PATRICIA HANNA is a member of the class of 2019 who majored in Environmental Studies with a double minor in Clinical Psychology and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies. Patricia became an EcoRep her freshman year and an EcoRep Coordinator her sophomore year. She was also the EcoRep Director and started a new EcoRep expansion program, Upperclass EcoReps. Patricia hopes to raise awareness of environmental issues to make the University of Rochester and the world ever better.

Patricia is from Hudson, New York and enjoys eating delicious vegan food, binge watching Netflix, and admiring nature.


adilADIL NYAMBASHA  is a member of the Class of 2018 who majored in International Relations and Psychology. His interest in environmental sustainability and environmental law stemmed primarily from his involvement with Greendorm– a student-run enterprise that sought to promote environmentally sustainable practices and the use energy efficient technology on his high school campus in South Africa. Through this and other experiences, Adil was exposed to the exciting field of environmental sustainability and has since made a conscious effort to learn as much as he can about the field here at UR.

Through the Sustainability Research Internship, Adil was able to nurture his research and writing skills in preparation for law school and life beyond college. He also hopes to return to his home continent, Africa, to work on structuring comprehensive environmental laws that will help in ensuring the longevity of the continent’s biodiversity.

Adil has further interests in education and has participated in numerous education related programs including the Global Scholars Program and BUILD in a Box, both in South Africa. On campus, Adil was a member of the Pan African Students Association (PASA), plays Club Badminton and worked for the Office of Admissions. He is also a brother of Theta Chi Fraternity. Beyond his academic interests, Adil enjoys travelling, water sports, music and aviation.


DaryaDARYA NICOL is a member of the class of 2016 who studied political science. As a Colorado native, Darya grew up being mindful of energy conservation and recycling, but her study abroad experience in Khon Kaen, Thailand really ignited her interest in learning more about sustainability. Through her role as the writing intern for Facilities Team Green, Darya continued developing her knowledge of more mindful and sustainable practices while connecting her newfound knowledge to the role of sustainability in politics.

During her time at the University, Darya has valued her experiences as a member of Students for a Democratic Society, Partners in Reading, and College Feminists. Not only does she value the knowledge she has garnered from the University, but she also appreciates the opportunities she has had to educate herself about the city of Rochester, its history, and the strength of its local activists.

Currently, Darya also is a program assistant with the Medical Center’s Office for Inclusion and Culture Development. Furthermore, as a former barista, Darya can answer virtually any of your coffee related questions. In her free time, Darya enjoys making art, listening to music, reading, and exploring all of what life has to offer.


CIARA MCGILLIVRAY Ciara_mainis a member of the class of 2018, Ciara is pursuing a degree in Public Health (Health, Behavior, and Society), with a minor in biology. Ciara’s interest in sustainability stemmed from her parents’ coaching on preserving resources at home, and has since grown to feed her interest in not only the environment but its impact on human health. Visiting family in Ireland during the summers and exploring the Irish countryside has also led Ciara to develop an appreciation for the environment and the beauty it can produce.

Since arriving on campus, Ciara has been interested in learning more about the University’s sustainability practices, and is thrilled for the opportunities to learn more that her position as a Sustainability Assistant will provide.

Aside from classes and working with Facilities Team Green, Ciara was involved in UR Celtic, campus’ Irish Dance team; GlobeMed, a global health equity student organization; and is a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority.


Julie ElliotJULIE ELLIOT is originally from Rockland County, a NYC suburb, where she was introduced early to
nature trails, hiking, biking and adventuring. Studying abroad in Argentina, she traveled through the delicate ecosystems and hiked the beautiful mountains of Patagonia, furthering her drive to protect the environment. These outdoor experiences prompted Julie’s love of nature and strong desire to maintain it. Julie is a member of the class of 2015, majoring in American Studies and minoring in Art History. As the sustainability writer for Team Green, she learned a lot about the University’s efforts to make the institution ecofriendly. As an activist both on campus and off, she has a passion for a healthy world, in both people and planet. Every Saturday, rain, snow, or shine, she attends the Rochester Public Market to buy produce from local vendors, as well as sporadically visiting others around Monroe County. Julie also has an extreme attachment to her reusable Nalgene water bottle and is constantly hunting for rad stickers to decorate it with. Her other hobbies include running, swimming, writing and making jokes.


Jacob PostJACOB POST is a member of the class of 2017, who studied Chemical Engineering and minor in Sustainability. He first became interested in sustainability when attending a Department of Environmental Conservation summer camp and has loved nature ever since. He remembers the high school white water rafting and zip lining trips in West Virginia and the Adirondacks with particular fondness. At the University of Rochester, Jacob quickly became involved with sustainability on campus. He was an EcoRep in Gilbert Hall and the Earth Fest E-Board Coordinator in Grassroots Freshman year, as well as an EcoRep Program Coordinator his Sophomore year and its Director his Junior year. He also works on the Conservation Board for his hometown of Victor, which goes over site plans of future developments and looks to preserve existing natural features.

Aside from his sustainability commitments, Jacob has also worked with Res Life as a D’Lion and recently as an RA for his upcoming Junior year. He also recently became a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity and has frequently been involved with Intramural Basketball and Frisbee. In the future, Jacob looks to become involved in the alternative energy field and work towards achieving a more sustainable world.


Fazeelah FAZEELAH CHAPPELL joined the University community in October 2012 in University Mail Services. She is a Rochester native and University of Rochester alumna, where she earned her degree in Psychology. Fazeelah worked for Hillside Work Scholarship Connection as a Program Manager prior to joining the University, and later took a leave of absence from work to relocate to the Middle East and then remained home with her family for an extended period of time. Her appreciation for recycling and sustainability was strengthened after living abroad for a couple of years, and seeing firsthand the amount of wastefulness, lack of recycling and a blatant disregard for the environment. When not working or thinking about the environment, Fazeelah enjoys cooking, watching movies, and reading, but most of all she loves spending time with her family, including her grandson.


JUDY CLAY’s awareness of sustainability spawns from her interest as an inhabitant of planet Earth. Her official position was the Staff Development Coordinator for University Facilities and Services (but she also held the unofficial position of University Cat Lady). Her involvement in sustainability at the U of R began when she was asked to assist with recycling issues until a Recycling Coordinator could be hired. Today her sustainability efforts continue, consisting mainly of publicizing the university’s sustainable initiatives to the community, which she did by tabling, getting people to take the Go Green Pledge, and helping out with other events. She is most famous for her raunchy and popular column, Clay’s Green Corner, which is published weekly in The Green Dandelion. In the future, she would most like to see the human race reduce our dependence on fossil fuels since we are killing ourselves and the planet. Until that happens, Judy will continue to enjoy collecting old time radio shows and hanging out with her hubby, two step-children, and 3 cats.


Ainslee sitting on a rock in Shawnee National Forest in Southern IllinoisAINSLEE CUNNINGHAM is a Class of 2014 graduate with a B.S. in Environmental Science and a minor in Spanish. She spent a year at the U of R as a KEY scholar and, along with Hannah Lyons, collaborated with local food truck owners and farmers to work towards bringing more local food options to campus.

This summer, she is on board with the Sustainability team as a sustainability intern, researching the transition to single stream recycling. Ainslee is passionate about sustainable living and hopes to return to Freiburg, Germany, one of the greenest cities in the world, for her Master of Science in either Environmental Science or Forestry. Her lifetime goal is to open a sustainable, locally provided restaurant in Seattle, WA, while traveling around the world in search of new recipes. In her spare time, Ainslee enjoys traveling, running, dancing to live music, exploring local craft beers, cooking with friends, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors.


Abigail-Fagan-300x393ABIGAIL FAGAN is a member of the class of 2014 and who studied Brain and Cognitive Science. She also minored in English Literature and would like to pursue a career in science journalism after graduation. She was pleased to have started working as part of the Sustainability team here at Rochester, and she’s eager to learn more about sustainability efforts and initiatives, especially at an institutional level. On campus, Abigail wrote for the Campus Times, was a tutor for Project Care, is a peer advisor, and member of her sorority. She loves, baking, reading, playing bananagrams, being with friends, and spending time outside, especially on the beach. Last spring she had a wonderful time studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, and now looks forward to many future travels and adventures abroad!


LHenryLAUREN HENRY joined the Green Dandelion as a sustainability assistant after a semester in Vienna, Austria. As a member of the class of 2014, Lauren was excited to be starting something new her last year at the U of R and was eager to learn about becoming sustainable and contributing to the blog. Although she was new to sustainability, Lauren has worked for Facilities and Services before, working on a University wide review of all departments within facilities last summer. Lauren is a Political Science major with a double minor in German and Ethics.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys hiking, swimming, having a good burrito, wearing her traditional Austrian dirndl whenever there is an opportunity (which there are surprisingly many), and singing with her band, Mariachi Meliora. She especially likes to travel after having done so extensively throughout Europe during her semester abroad. Although not one to pick favorites, Lauren would have to say that her travels to Croatia have been a major highlight. Lauren also plans to  apply to law school and hopes to one day become a lawyer that specializes in healthcare and hospital administration.


GRACE INTERLICHIA is a member of the class of 2014, who majored in English with a concentration in Theatre and created her own second Interdepartmental Major. Grace was hired as the Sustainability Correspondent for summer 2011 after being a Freshman EcoRep during her 2010-2011 school year. She was also selected as coordinator for the EcoReps program for the 2011-2012 year and has, along with her fellow coordinator Lauren Laibach, coined herself “Mama EcoRep.” She also plans to potentially pursue a career in a sustainability field. Grace was also very active in UR productions at Todd Theatre, most recently playing a role in Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale.” She also has spent time working in clay sculpting, and her work has been displayed in shows at Nazareth College, as well as other galleries. Grace also has an active interest in fashion, and will be serving as a costume intern at Todd Theatre for the duration of the 2011-12 school year. She also enjoys cooking, occasional exercise, and general tomfoolery of all kinds. Grace is very grateful to have had the opportunity to share, as well as expand, her knowledge of sustainability both through the writing Go Green articles and contributing to the Green Dandelion Blog.


MELISSA KULLMAN is a proud member of the class of 2014. After trying five or so majors on for size, she settled on an interdepartmental major, Environment and Society. Her passion for the environment and environmental social justice issues began at UR after becoming an EcoRep. She was a tutor through UR Upward Bound and a member of Dining Service’s Team Green. Other than that, she is interested in psychology, volunteering, music, graphic design, achieving inner peace, and general tomfoolery. The summer of 2013 was her third summer working as Amy Kadrie’s sustainability assistant. She then went off to Costa Rica to study Social & Environmental Change!


Wendy LongWENDY LONG is member of the class of 2016, who worked for a Biology degree. She was also a premed student like many others. Throughout high school, she has participated and led multiple fundraising events. Thus, working as a marketing intern for the sustainability office was truly the perfect job for her. She believes in the importance of recycling. By designing promotional and advertising material, she was able to bring public awareness of sustainability. It was the little part in voicing her opinion and the chance to educate people that made her appreciate her job even more than before. Wendy enjoys serving her community. She was a Hall Representative during her first year of college. She was also the Collegiate Alumni Chair in her sorority and the president of a new chapter called Givology on the Rochester campus. When she was not busy researching, interning, and volunteering, you could always find her at Starbucks relaxing with friends.


CHHIRANJEEVI ‘CHIP’ RAGHUNATH is a proud member of the class of 2012. Chip entered the University with intentions to become a computer scientist, but discovered that this would put him too close for comfort to becoming an engineer, and instead studied more theoretical realm of mathematics, hoping to graduate with a B.S. He began working for Amy Kadrie in January 2012 as assistant, after having volunteered to help with the University’s first shredding event over the summer. He enjoys a thoughtful game of chess with the backdrop of friendly political discussion, eating a Zonies calzone while playing computer games online, and reading George Martin’s latest installment of A Song of Ice and Fire while listening to electronica. More generally, he enjoys multi-tasking enjoyable activities with enjoyable activities. On campus, Chip was a content member of the Debate Union, with whom has traveled far and wide, having debated at tournaments in Boise, Austin, and Boston, to name a few. Chip is also a familiar face at Starbucks, having worked there for over two years, and spends a significant portion of his time using its lounge to study. Chip views environmental sustainability as one component in getting people to appreciate and enjoy their natural surroundings. He believes that in the fast-paced world of today, it’s important to find time to relax and enjoy natural beauty that comes without a pricetag… and of course, to preserve it! Chip hopes to one day become a professor, the one job where he feels he could get away with wearing a T-shirt and jeans on Monday, a tailored suit on Wednesday, sweater and khakis on Friday, and not have to work at all Tuesday or Thursday.


SADE RICHARDSON is a Trinidadian-born member of the Class of 2015 and was an EcoRep on campus. She studied Computer Science, Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Sustainability. Her other passions include ice cream, poetry and event planning. She was involved in the Gilbert Hall Council as Hall Rep, the ‘Green House Project’ for Engineers for a Sustainable World and was actively involved in University of Rochester’s Christian Fellowship. Sade also worked at the University IT Center. Aside from her work, Sade spends her time writing poetry and traveling around the world. Her goal is to visit every continent before she dies. In the future, Sade sees herself having her own Non-governmental Organization promoting Economically Sustainable Growth and Development by changing policies and educating the younger generations and masses as well as being a well-known published poet. However, she would be quite content working in the United Nations and making a difference globally, one person at a time and publishing one book of poetry.


ALANNA SCHEINERMAN is a member of the class of 2013. She majored in Environmental Studies and minored in American Sign Language. Her role on Facilities Team Green was as the writing intern. In the summer of 2012 she met Amy Kadrie and Pat Beaumont while working for Facilties’ portion of the University-wide STARS project. In past summers she has worked at the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the American School for the Deaf. While at school, Alanna was involved in student organizations GreenSpace, intramural sports, and works for the Writing Fellows both as a tutor and managing the office in Carlson Library. Alanna hopes for a career at a government agency, non-profit, or a consulting firm – all in the environmental field. When not working or at school, she enjoys reading, playing board games, and relaxing with friends. Her favorite part of working in sustainability is how pertinent it is to all areas of life. With a few steps people can be on their way to saving money, energy, and reducing waste. She enjoyed exploring the University through Go Green articles in the coming year, and working as a part of Facilities new Team Green.


LindaShackles_adjLINDA SHACKELS is a member of the class of 2017 pursuing a degree in Financial Economics and a minor in Statistics. She was always surrounded by an abundance of evergreen trees and other wilderness in Washington State and enjoys hiking through the many trails her home state has to offer. At the U of R, Linda developed a deeper sense of accountability for our environment and joined Green Space, a sustainable interest floor on campus, hoping to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle. As a marketing intern, she learned a lot about other sustainable opportunities on campus and loves being part of Team Green. Aside from her environmental endeavors, Linda was also Student Account for Student’s Association, in charge of the budget for the campus’s performance groups. In her free time, Linda loves being a food connoisseur with friends and enjoys discovering new music. In the future, she aspires to put her major to good use for a sustainability-invested company like Weyerhaeuser, which is so conveniently located in her hometown of Federal Way.


KATHLEEN SHANNON is a member of the class of 2013. Senior year snuck up quickly on Kathleen. She majored in English and also finagled her way into developing her own major, which she deemed Global Environmental Sustainability. Her interests in environmental issues date back to her childhood in the deep woods of Northern Michigan, but were no doubt further developed through activities like working on a vegetable farm for three years and attempting to throw an “EarthFest” at her small-town high school many moons ago. College became a better place for her to explore her passions in environmental issues. Being a member of the original class of Eco-Reps freshman year, and studying environmental issues in Copenhagen, Denmark junior year, Kathleen’s passion for sustainability has brought her a long way. In addition, a summer working with the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York allowed her to get to know people within the Rochester area who are involved with the organic and local food movements, and Kathleen is constantly trying to adapt her lifestyle to incorporate what she has learned from all these experiences. Given that, you could find her biking the streets of Rochester in pursuit of the farmer’s market, or perhaps you may spot her this semester on campus promoting many of the upcoming events sponsored by the Facilities Green Team.


LESLIE WOLF is a member of the class of 2015 double majored in Environmental Studies and Political Science. She enjoyed  working as Amy’s assistant and through that, learned a lot about sustainability and the best ways to apply and share that information. Leslie has a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature, having spent many early mornings owling with her family, and embarking on backpacking and hiking trips all over the place. She feels that we all have a responsibility towards our earth to do what we can to preserve it and our natural resources. She hopes to one day work in climate or energy policy and create new regulations, ideally in several different locations, as she has intense wanderlust and plans to travel as much as possible in the future. On campus, Leslie was a member of Symphony Orchestra and also played in small chamber groups. She’s always down to jam with other musically inclined folks. In addition, she races for the University Alpine Ski team, and plays club volleyball. In her free time, Leslie enjoys playing the viola, melodica and banjo, going to concerts, festivals and farmer’s markets, reading, skiing, being outside and meeting new people.


SARAH GOLDMAN is a 2011 graduate of the University of Rochester. She graduated as a Linguistics major, with an ASL minor, a member of the Ballet Performance Group, a lover of country music, ice cream, and jazz hands, and someone who knew almost nothing about sustainability before writing for The Green Dandelion. She had placed the correct items in the appropriate recycling bins, donated clothing and other items when she could, but didn’t really give much thought to sustainability until this opportunity. Sarah was hired as a student sustainability writer; she was given a list of sustainability topics at the beginning of the school year, and one by one, made her way through the list, picking ones that stuck out as particularly interesting or relevant at the time. If she had no understanding of the topic (as in the article about Green Chemistry), she looked into the subject to determine exactly what it meant, learned what research had been conducted and what discoveries had been made, and then, searched for a way to share that information with The Green Dandelion readers. She has truly enjoyed this opportunity and will take her increased knowledge of sustainability with her after graduation.


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog do not necessarily represent the opinions of University Facilities and Services. Student authors, listed at the bottom of articles, may include their personal opinions as appropriate.

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