Shred Fest 2017: Second Largest Event to Date

On Friday, July 21, the University of Rochester held its seventh annual Shred Fest for University employees. This event is hosted by University Facilities and Services and it provides employees an opportunity to securely destroy and recycle their… Read More

Recycle an Ink Cartridge and Plant a Tree!

Printing is essential for many office and classroom activities.  However, it has been estimated that over 375 million printer ink cartridges are thrown away each year in the United States alone. The University partners with Imagine It to… Read More

Medical Center uses a Reusable Construction Barrier System

When construction occurs at the Medical Center, whether it be a large capital renovation or a small scale remodel, the work zone must be separated from the general public. This separation occurs so that people, very often patients,… Read More

Ninth Annual Move-Out Cleanout: Second-Largest Year to Date

At the close of every spring semester, students finish their exams and eagerly prepare for summer break. Before anyone can drive or fly home or to their next destination, there is one obstacle that must be faced: moving… Read More

Green Spaces in Rochester

The City of Rochester has many green spaces both within the city and in the surrounding suburbs. A “green space” is an area of grass, trees, or other vegetation set apart for recreational or aesthetic purposes in an… Read More