10 Ways to Lay Back and Relax

Looking for a way to lay back and relax? One of my favorite ways to relax is watching movies! Here are some of my top picks for movies related to sustainability. The True Cost – This documentary discusses… Read More

The Sixth Extinction

  Throughout history there have been five major extinctions. An extinction is a widespread and rapid decrease in the biodiversity on earth. In most cases, these extinction events resulted in the loss of more than 70% of all… Read More

SUSTAINIBBLE: Who’s Peet and What’s His Deal?

Whenever the University partners with an outside dining supplier, it is a big deal. The University follows an extensive purchasing plan that sets strict rules for who can work with us. For coffee, the general idea is that… Read More

Student’s Corner

Last semester, I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since I’ve gotten back to campus, I’ve gotten a little down about not being abroad anymore, so I thought I’d start a blog segment that focuses on different sustainable European… Read More

A Plastic Ocean

#STOTW Contrary to what most people may think, throwing away garbage does not actually mean that the trash goes “away”. While the objects you throw away may no longer be in sight, they do not stop existing on… Read More