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Facilities Team Green (FTG) is a group of undergraduate student staff who work to make sustainability more accessible to their student peers, staff, faculty and all members of the University community. Like the Sustainability Office, Facilities Team Green works globally to promote sustainability initiatives and increase awareness among the University at large.

The team is made up of three positions. The sustainability programs coordinator helps in planning and executing educational events such as Campus Race to Zero Waste campaign, the annual eight-week waste reduction competition that takes place in the early spring. This position also helps to monitor recycling programs, such as the Nike Reuse a Shoe and plastic bag collections. The sustainability marketing intern manages the UR Sustainable FacebookInstagram, and Twitter accounts and creates promotional material such as flyers. The sustainability writing intern writes biweekly Go Green! articles that are shared in the @Rochester newsletter and other University communication sources, as well as other written assignments.

Together Facilities Team Green participates in many different sustainability initiatives each year to promote recycling, reduce waste, and generally encourage sustainable behaviors on campus. Tabling events allows Facilities Team Green to interact with students, staff, and faculty on campus to inform them of current initiatives and encourage participation in events such as the GameDay Football Challenge, E-Cycle DayShred Fest, and Move-Out Cleanout.

The team works to foster relationships with other student groups, such as Dining Team Green and EcoReps. All team members contribute Student’s Corner articles and Green Tips to The Green Dandelion blog. Together, the team uses blogging, social media, events, and word-of-mouth to educate the University of Rochester on current initiatives in sustainability

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