13th Annual Shred Fest Results

On Friday, July 14, University Facilities and Services sponsored its thirteenth annual Shred Fest where members of the University were able to have their personal documents securely shredded and recycled. A total of 16,200 pounds (8.1 tons) of paper were dropped off by 408 cars. The event is held in collaboration with the company Iron Mountain, which shreds all of the University’s confidential papers.


Why is Shred Fest important?

Shred Fest provides a secure solution for people to dispose of sensitive documents, prioritizing privacy and minimizing identity theft risks. Instead of throwing these documents in the trash, attendees can safely shred and recycle them at the event using Iron Mountain’s shred truck, which even allows participants to witness the shredding process through an onboard camera in real time.


How does Shred Fest run so efficiently?

At Shred Fest, participants enjoy a convenient and efficient drop-off process without leaving their vehicles. Volunteers warmly welcome them and handle the unloading of documents into secure 65-gallon containers. Once these containers are full, they are taken to the on-site Iron Mountain shred truck for secure shredding.

The event has implemented a practical policy of limiting each customer to five bags or boxes, significantly enhancing the overall customer experience. This approach ensures a smooth and quick-moving line while allowing the shred truck to keep up with the steady flow of materials.

David VanWey from the University Laboratory for Laser Energetics shared his positive experience, finding the event to be remarkably convenient. “This is such a wonderful service–super helpful. It’s great work everyone out here is doing today.”


What was the result?

408 cars dropped off documents at Shred Fest totaling 16,200 pounds (8.1 tons) of paper to be shredded and recycled. That is more than the previous year’s total, and is approximately equivalent to the weight of a Tyrannosaurus Rex! The first Shred Fest was held in 2011 and has grown to become a very popular event. Over the past thirteen events, Shred Fest has collected and recycled 231,700 pounds (115.8 tons) of paper!

Anyone who missed this year’s Shred Fest or had more than five bags/boxes to shred can visit EcoPark, a facility for Monroe County residents that offers many recycling services, including paper shredding.

Sustainability Manager Amy Kadrie oversaw this year’s event and would like to thank all of the volunteers at Shred Fest, Iron Mountain, and everyone who came to recycle their documents for making this event possible. Event volunteers this year included: Carole Wilay (Sustainability Office), Riker Mirabella (Utilities and Energy Management), Julie Hernandez (Utilities and Energy Management), Axel Colon (Materials Management), Kim VanOrman (Facilities Customer Service Center), Mike Hendricks (Facilities Customer Service Center), Angel Vazquez (Horticulture and Grounds), Jason Miner (Horticulture and Grounds), and Jefvern Deane (University Facilities and Services), Lynnell Screiber (Facilities Finance and HR), and Ryker Mirabella (son of Amy Mirabella, Support Operations). Transportation and Parking helped by putting up directive signage and blocking off the event area. “It’s hard to wrap my mind around this being the thirteenth Shred Fest we’ve held,” says Kadrie. “Every year so many people look forward to this event and it’s all thanks to the work of our volunteers and partners!”

As the Sustainability Office’s new communications and engagement coordinator, Lauren Caruso’s role in this event was to greet the volunteers and give them instruction for the event. They have participated in the event as a customer in the past and was now on the inside helping to manage the event. Caruso says, “participating in the entire event this year made me realize just how much members of the University community appreciated this service. So many people expressed gratitude and it was really fun to see how everything was shredded right on the spot!”


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Written and photo taken by Carole Wilay ‘25