Guest Posting – 9 green air freshener ideas

air freshener

A fragrant home is a happy home so rethink how you tackle the stink – commercial air fresheners are full of chemicals. Instead, go green and make your own natural air fresheners with a few of these easy… Read More

Defining Sustainability

Berger assigned us a simple task. We had to look at this list of 255 ways to visualize sustainability and choose ones that were different but still valuable in the ways that they conveyed the information.

Local Summer Markets

Rochester Public Market

Happy Wednesday! Don’t have time to grow your own food? That’s okay! There are plenty of farmers markets in our own city that feature all kinds of fresh, local produce. All of the ones on this list are… Read More

Environmental Movies to Watch on Netflix


If you’re like most college students (or really anyone, let’s be honest), you’ve spent a good few hours watching shows and movies on Netflix. Many of us probably feel guilty about the time we’ve wasted on the beloved… Read More