Antarctica Iceberg

An iceberg, larger than Lake Erie has split from Antarctica. This is the third largest iceberg, since records have been taken. To be classified as an iceberg, the height of the ice must be greater than 16 feet… Read More

CSA Update

Results from the first trip to the CSA and my first week preparing the produce is in. Freshness is amazing. Lacking is my ability to convert a recipe into a dish that is as amazing as the food… Read More

Living Well Now and in the Future

I was extremely pleased to see that Professor Randall Curren, Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Department, recently published a book “Living Well Now and in the future, Why Sustainability Matters”.  The book was co-written by Professor… Read More

What it is like to be a CSA first timer

This year I decided to try out a CSA share. What is a CSA share? CSA is a Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way for farmers to sell local, seasonal produce directly to the community without going… Read More

Summer is here!

Summer is officially here and it’s the perfect time to start practicing a simple green habit: air-drying your laundry outside! According to the US Department of Energy, the clothes drier uses 6-10% of our annual energy use. Hanging… Read More