Summertime is a lovely time to attend a curriculum development workshop

Finger Lakes Project Sustainability Curriculum Development Workshop  “Designing Transformative Sustainability Learning Experiences”   Thursday, July 14 – Friday, July 15, 2016 Wells College, Aurora NY 13026   Developing 21st century leaders who understand their roles and responsibilities as… Read More



If you aren’t going on vacation this winter and have a lot of free time or if you are looking to earn some community service hours, consider volunteering for a green organization. Volunteering is great because it allows… Read More

7 Ways to Improve the Way You Shop


When making everyday purchases, it may be hard to make environmentally friendly decisions. We tend to pick well-known name brands rather than products that might be healthier for us and better for the environment. Instead of choosing the… Read More

City Cycles back in business

City Cycles

City Cycles is reopening.   History of City Cycles Since the program was started in 2004 by two students, Andrew Hall and Adam Baratz, it has flourished and is one of the most popular services of the Students’… Read More

How to Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Smart Phone

Every night, I have to plug in my iPhone to charge it. If I don’t, I’ll wake up to a phone that will only get me through about an hour of the day, and then I’m stranded with… Read More