Upcycle furniture – clothing – art

boot planter

Throwing away used items such as plastic and glass bottles might be the easiest thing to do however, it’s certainly not the most economical. Common household trash can be creatively repurposed into useful household items that would not… Read More

Sustainability at home – ideas

LED lights

Although electricity is relatively cheaper in the U.S vis-à-vis other MEDCs (MEDC- More Economically Developed Country), the average American allocates a considerable amount of their monthly budget to servicing their utility bill. The following are easy energy saving… Read More

Four lifestyle changes that are good for the environment


Lifestyle changes that are good for the environment. It is much easier to think of sustainability as being small actionable steps that can lead to a big difference. Regardless of the setting, there are always small changes you… Read More

5 Reasons to eat seasonably

veggies basket

Eating seasonably is a great way of making your diet more sustainable. Fruits and vegetables that are grown in season have a smaller environmental impact than produce grown out of season. Food grown in season requires less heating,… Read More

Figuring Out Food Labels

man reading a food label

Supermarkets can be a very overwhelming place. As soon as you walk in, you are bombarded with more food options than any person can efficiently pick from. And on those endless food products are countless labels claiming to… Read More