5 Painless Ways to Conserve Water

water drop

I received my water bill in the mail this week. Most times, I toss the extra papers and don’t pay any attention to them. Today, I stopped and took a minute to read: 5 Painless Ways to Conserve… Read More

Water Bottle Refill Stations on Campus

reuse a bottle

In an effort to reduce consumption of plastic water bottles and to promote sustainability on campus, the River Campus is home to numerous water bottle refill stations that students can use to fill up reusable water bottles. These… Read More

Sustainability Courses at the U of R

3D Art

Are you looking for ways to enrich your academic understanding of sustainability without having to commit to an environmental science major or a sustainability minor? Do you want to incorporate sustainability-related courses into your area of study? At… Read More

Green Dorm Living

green living

There are numerous ways that you can make wherever you’re living eco-friendly! Check out 5 simple tips for keeping your living space green.

Travel tips

eco resort

There are eco-resorts scattered across the globe. For instance, Alaska, Bermuda, Australia, Turkey, and Madagascar all boast sustainable resorts for your next getaway.