Is bottled water better for me?

  Bottled water is more popular in America than in almost any other country. Companies are selling Americans something they can basically get for free from their kitchen faucets, at a drastically increased price. And the water that… Read More

Need help reading a label?

Almost everything we purchase is labeled with an ingredients list, which can give you a basic idea of what is in the product you are buying and maybe even where the product was made. However, this is hardly… Read More

Goatish on sustainability

A study from Duke University has found that having goats on your land- whether it be a farm, a garden, or just a normal backyard- is actually a better method for keeping weeds off your land than using… Read More

Three ways to stop using paper

    At a university as large as the University of Rochester, there is a lot going on. Ideas, information, and knowledge are shared at astounding rates- traditionally via paper. However, as we continued to develop new technology,… Read More

Earth Hour

Wilson Quad goes dark for Earth Hour From @Rochester – March 23, 2017 Ryan Rubenzahl ’18 and Bo Peng ’18, president and vice president of the University’s Astronomy Club and organizers of the Earth Hour events on River… Read More