Indicators of Sustainability action

sustainable measures

Sustainable Measures is a firm that consults to sustainable organizations using effective indicators to measure the organization’s development and progress.

What is Grassroots?

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Founded in 1997, Grassroots is one of the very first environmental action and awareness groups on the University of Rochester campus. Their fundamental goal is to raise awareness of collective as well as individual responsibilities of the Earth… Read More

Sustainable Seafood

fish market

Many institutions have begun to research and provide information regarding sustainable fishing. One well developed program is the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch which has details on an extensive list of fish.

Sustainability Research Internship opportunities Summer 2014

sustainability internships

The University of Rochester is again sponsoring sustainability-related summer internships for students enrolled in undergraduate programs in the College.

Green Bathroom

dripping faucet

Navy shower is a water-saving technique originated in the Navy to help save freshwater on ships. The basic idea is to get in the shower, wet yourself, turn off the water while applying shampoo, and then quickly rinse clean.