The Ecological Footprint When discussing environmental impacts, our “footprint” on the earth is something that is thrown around quite often. A lot of projections and estimations come from data gathered for our footprint so its important to understand… Read More

Environmental Justice for All

Bill Clinton taking the oath of office 1993

In 1994, pioneering in its nature, Executive Order 12898 explicitly directed federal attention to communities with health and education disparities caused by poor environmental conditions. This article describes some of the recent steps that the federal government has taken to aid the cause of environmental justice.

Canning the CO2 – Eat Local All Year Round


From a range of sweet, sour, or savory, you can pick a variety of foods to can. The cans you make also serve as great gifts!

University Facilities and Services and Environmental Health and Safety announce this year’s Winter Contest Winners


Shuffles, the University winter safety penguin, is pleased to announce that the 2015 Together We Can winter contest is complete and the winners selected. The contest asked for UR community members to nominate someone who assisted them during… Read More

Air Conditioning

air conditioner

This infographic is provided by guest blogger, Nancy White: how to maximize the operation of your air conditioner.