Inside Illnesses: Indoor Air Pollutants and Solutions


With the winter chill permeating the outside air with its cold snow falling to the ground, many take shelter under the roofs of their own homes. However, spending so much time indoors can not only generate boredom, but… Read More



Forest products companies have been distancing themselves from places with unsustainable practices, and encourage consumers to only purchase from places certifiably sustainable forestry practices.

Winter Transportation: How to Be Green Even When There’s White

winter walk

Did you know that in downtown Rochester, there once was a complex subway system in which passengers could travel anywhere the city?

Art as Activism


In the late 1960’s the “Land Art” or “Earth Art” movement emerged, opposing the materialism of the modern age and calling attention to the human relationships with nature.

Leaders in Sustainability #5 – Achim Steiner

Achem Steiner

The environmental movement is one that is categorized by its diverse and multifaceted efforts. While positive in that it targets problems from a variety of different angles and mediums, its multilayered aspects can sometimes make the movement seem… Read More