Minimalism Challenge


This week’s green tip is all about being green by having less. I’ve been really into minimalism as a lifestyle lately and I think it is very easy to relate to sustainability. In another article, I talked about… Read More

RG&E Self Direct Program


In an order issued February 26, 2015 (REV Order), the NY Public Service Commission required NY utilities to implement a self-direct program for its large energy users. In collaboration PSC Staff, the utilizes and large industrial customers developed… Read More

Sustainability in the Workplace


Sometimes, being sustainable at work can prove difficult. Between free perks like coffee, water, and pastries-— often served via paper, plastic, or Styrofoam—making copies, and printing documents, it can be hard to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The following… Read More

Recycling Your Grocery Bags

Grocery Store

While at the grocery store we’ve all heard the phrase, “paper, or plastic?” Some of us respond with “neither” because we’ve come prepared with our own reusable bags. The rest of us will choose to either use paper… Read More

Leaving Town and Being Environmentally Sound

As the weather changes, many of you are beginning to plan your next getaway. Between determining your destination, calculating costs, and planning logistics, you may forget about what needs to be done at home. Here are two simple… Read More