Environmental Movies to Watch on Netflix


If you’re like most college students (or really anyone, let’s be honest), you’ve spent a good few hours watching shows and movies on Netflix. Many of us probably feel guilty about the time we’ve wasted on the beloved… Read More

Three sustainable travel tips


With summer on the way, students, faculty, and staff are frequently looking to travel! Ecotourism is a great traveling alternative, but if that is not a good fit, travelers can enact ways to be sustainable themselves on their… Read More

Summer Gardening

summer gardening

Late June is a good time to plant: tomatoes, watermelon, Swiss chard, summer squash, spinach, radishes, peppers, peas, okra, lettuce, celery, carrots, and beets.

Try out RTS (for Free) on ROC Transit Day


Give Your Commute a Rest, Try out RTS (for Free) on ROC Transit Day» On Thursday, June 18, Reconnect Rochester invites you to go car-free and check out our local public transit with a free pass to ride… Read More

Community Composting


The process is simple: register for the service for a monthly or annual fee, and Community Composting will drop off a bin to your door. Fill the bucket with whatever compostable waste materials you generate in your home, and once a week Community Composting will pick that bin up and leave you with an empty one.