Green Dorm Living

green living

There are numerous ways that you can make wherever you’re living eco-friendly! Check out 5 simple tips for keeping your living space green.

Travel tips

eco resort

There are eco-resorts scattered across the globe. For instance, Alaska, Bermuda, Australia, Turkey, and Madagascar all boast sustainable resorts for your next getaway.



There are several reasons why biofuel is viewed as a sustainable energy source. First, it is renewable – crops can be planted anew each season and used to produce energy. Second, biofuels produce less carbon dioxide than fossil fuels, which decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

Six Reasons You Should Opt for a Reusable Water Bottle

reusable water bottle

You can find a high quality water bottle for under $15 (mine was only $5). It pays for itself in weeks and you can fill up almost anywhere for free.

This is no Green Apple – the low down on green apps

green apple

This app scans products and checks for plastic microbeads, which are often found in personal hygiene products. Because of these products, microbeads end up contaminating waterways like the Great Lakes, and contribute to water pollution.