EcoReps vs. GreenReps

EcoReps and Green Reps are two sustainability-focused groups on campus, but some may not know the difference between the two.

EcoReps are a group of sustainability-oriented undergraduate students who participate in on-campus environmental efforts and educate their peers on environmental issues in the residence halls. The EcoReps are split into First-Year EcoReps and Upper Class EcoReps, with each experience counting as elective credits; two credits and one credit, respectively. EcoReps engage in lectures, discussions, and programming led by other undergraduate EcoReps. The program facilitates a sustainability community where passionate students collaborate over various initiatives and programs. 

Green Reps, on the other hand, is an employee-led initiative focused on advocating for the university to advance sustainability efforts. Staff and faculty members can become a Green Rep for their respective departments. Within their departments, Green Reps advocate for certain sustainable guidelines such as waste reduction, energy use, purchasing, and education. There is even a Green Reps newsletter, The Compost, which has tips and resources for Green Reps.

If you are a River Campus student looking to get involved in sustainability on campus, definitely check out the EcoReps Instagram page and keep an eye out for Upper Class EcoReps applications! If you are a university faculty or staff member and are interested in promoting sustainability efforts within your department, check out the Green Reps page and newsletters. 

Written by Carmen Marshall ‘25

Photo by Carmen Marshall