Sustainability Superstar: Adrienne Canino

Adrienne Canino, Science and Engineering Librarian, River Campus Libraries, joined the University earlier this year and is the newest member of the Green Reps Working Group. Before arriving at Rochester, she… Sustainability Superstar: Adrienne Canino

Sustainability Superstars

The Green Dandelion features a “Sustainability Superstars” section of its blog. This section highlights University employees, staff, and faculty who have been noticed for doing something sustainable that will have… Sustainability Superstars

Sustainability Superstar: Jayne Lammers

In the spirit of the nation-wide RecycleMania competition, we caught Jayne Lammers of the Warner School of Education “green-handed”! Jayne regularly brings her meals from home, packing her own Tupperware… Sustainability Superstar: Jayne Lammers