Sustainability Superstar: Tracey Austin

Tracey Austin, Transportation Coordinator, Department of Transportation and Parking Management, is an avid bike commuter and instructor. Tracey teamed up with the Green Reps to write the May newsletter which was all about biking in the Rochester area during these times.

Here is Tracey’s story in her own words:

“In order to save money and do my part to help the environment, I started riding my bike or walking to work years ago. This decision has helped shape my life. And now the benefits go beyond my initial motivations.

“I love the freedom of being a one-car family and also being outside more of my day. It occurred to me recently, my outlook on the day tends to be brighter if I start my day biking or walking rather than stuck in traffic! But this didn’t happen in a short span of time; it took years to come up with something that works for me and my family and seems manageable. And every season of life looks a little different for us.

“Now that I am a certified cycling instructor and a transportation coordinator here at the University of Rochester, I love that my job is to help others set attainable and sustainable transportation goals! We have many options available here at the University, but sometimes they seem overwhelming. However, I assure you it is worth the effort to change up your transportation game. If faculty, staff, or students want help re-imagining their commute, I am here to help.”

Know someone who’s made progress with sustainability on campus? Whether the victories have been big or small, we’d love to hear about them! Email us today.

Photo: Instagram/@roccycling

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