Welcome Emily and Olivia

As the majority of University students have gone their separate ways for the summer, we are already working on projects and preparing for their return next semester. To make it possible, we have welcomed two new students to Facilities Team Green for the summer term.

Emily Su (pictured above) is working as the Sustainability Marketing/Writing Intern which is two jobs combined into one for the summer. Emily will be writing our Go Green articles and Green Tips. She will also be managing our social media platforms and promoting our programs.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Emily is a member of the class of 2022 studying Public Health (Health Policy), Business, and Music. She developed her love for environmentalism and sustainability through her annual family trips to various National Parks around the country.  Emily excitedly joined the EcoReps program during her first year of college at the University of Rochester and will be continuing her work with ResLife as an RA in Fall 2019.

Olivia Giovannini-Dolan (pictured right) is the latest Sustainability Assistant Intern. Her duties range from checking on proper recycling labels and signage, to working on existing programs such as Nike Reuse a Shoe, as well as researching new topics and initiatives.

Olivia will be starting her senior year as a member of the class of 2020, studying Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Environmental Studies. Her love and respect for nature stem from growing up in the Finger Lakes, a region known for its natural beauty and environmental activism. Olivia is passionate about immersing herself in the local community to learn more about Rochester and hopefully help bring about positive social and environmental change to our home here and ultimately, our home on this planet.

Both ladies will be featured in the Student’s Corner, help with posting educational signage, and participate in our Shred Fest on July 19. Both also bring a great energy to Team Green and have a lot to offer. We are excited to have them here! Read more about all of our authors, present and current team members here.

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