Competing to Recycle: Eyeglasses Collection and RecycleMania Results


In support of National Eye Donor Month, University Facilities and Services partnered with the Lions Eye Bank at Rochester to hold a collection for eyeglasses during the month of March. Participants mailed in their unwanted prescription and nonprescription glasses,… Read More

Celebrate Earth Day 2016


As Earth Day 2016 approaches, the University of Rochester provides various opportunities for employees, faculty, and students alike to increase their environmental awareness. One way employees can contribute is by getting involved in the Green Reps program. Green… Read More

EcoReps Receive Grant for Plastic Bag Reduction Campaign

Plastic Bags

The University of Rochester has been awarded a College Council Grant for innovative environmental projects through the New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling (NYSAR3). The $2,747 grant will be used to implement a three-part plan… Read More

University Team Discovers a More Efficient Way to Convert Alternative Fuel

pumping-gas (2)

Like ethanol, butanol can be used as a fuel additive to gasoline as a way to reduce harmful vehicle emissions. In just six months, Professor William Jones’ University research team developed an efficient route to n-butanol, making it… Read More

Constructing a More Sustainable World


The University of Rochester diverts waste away from landfills by reducing, reusing and recycling. Yet, in 2015 the majority of University recycling did not come from paper, plastic, glass, or metal. Instead, asphalt and concrete made up the… Read More