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Today is the day! Come to Park Lot with your personal documents and we will securely shred them and recycle them on site! You can even watch your materials get shredded once you drop them off. We are… Read More

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Food plays a large role in all of our lives. For me, it is a source of energy and a means of entertainment, as I love cooking and experimenting with different vegetables and grains. But did you know… Read More

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As a self titled product junkie, I love my makeup, skin care, and nearly anything beauty related. Lately though, I have become more conscious of the products that I purchase and the effect they have on the environment… Read More

America the Beautiful


Happy Birthday America! To honor our nation’s day of independence, I am going to highlight some of the green things I encountered last month as my sister and I drove around the country !! In Chicago, our friend… Read More

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japanese 4

With over 3 million people projected to attend the World Cup this year, a lot of trash is expected to be generated. Japanese fans are aware of this, and have cleaned up the stadium after every match of… Read More