Today marks the end of my internship, and what an experience it has all been! Within the space of ~3 months, I did everything from walking through every single building on River Campus- looking for recycling frames and… Read More

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Keeping up with current events isn’t always easy. And finding reliable information these days is even harder. So here is a list of my favorite places to find the most updated and accurate information about what is going… Read More

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It goes without saying that computers have become an integral part of many of our lives. In fact, most of today’s office and academic work centers around the work we do on our computers or on other screened electronic devices. With… Read More

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In my opinion, environmental sustainability is being undermined by an increasing disconnect between the sources of the products/resources we use, and their subsequent end-users – us. Take electricity for example, arguably one of the most wasted resources there is. We… Read More

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With the primary elections over, it looks like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be the candidates for the 2016 presidential election. In terms of their views on climate change and environmental protection, these two could not be more… Read More