SUSTAINIBBLE: A No Waste Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is known across America as THE premier holiday where you gather with friends and family to eat yourself straight into a food coma. Some of the best memories can be made in the kitchen, stressing over a… Read More

SUSTAINIBBLE: Headwater Food Hub – Our Unsung Hero

The University of Rochester prides itself on providing students with healthy and nutritious local food. At the moment, over 61% of food products on campus are locally sourced. This includes some of the vegetables and fruits we serve… Read More

SUSTAINIBBLE: Who’s Peet and What’s His Deal?

Whenever the University partners with an outside dining supplier, it is a big deal. The University follows an extensive purchasing plan that sets strict rules for who can work with us. For coffee, the general idea is that… Read More

SUSTAINIBBLE: Hello from Team Green – Dining Services!

Hello world (says every first blog post ever)! Welcome to SUSTAINNIBLE, The Green Dandelion’s newest section providing you with dining news that will keep you eating healthy and feeling happy. We are Team Green for Dining Services, a… Read More