Sustainability Office welcomes new staff

University Facilities and Services is excited to introduce the newest member of the growing Sustainability Office tasked with building a more environmentally sustainable campus community. Lauren Caruso (she/they) joins Sustainability Manager Amy Kadrie and Facilities Team Green in a new sustainability communications and engagement coordinator role, focusing on sustainability communications, engagement, and education programs. Lauren’s experience in community engagement and environmental justice aligns with the University’s sustainability efforts.

Lauren is no stranger to the University of Rochester as she previously worked in the College’s Center for Community Engagement since 2014 to build community-engaged learning programs with students, faculty, and partners. Lauren served on the University Council on Sustainability where she co-founded Green Reps and also served as a staff representative on the Ethical Investment Advisory Committee and the Native American and Indigenous Affairs Working Group.

In this new position, Lauren will work to enhance the visibility of existing sustainability programs, such as Green Reps, as well as create new programs and outreach opportunities.  They will engage with students, staff and faculty and will coordinate educational events, provide ongoing support and motivation to current sustainability advocates, and foster a community of change and growth within the University. Their experience, combined with their passion for community engagement and environmental justice, makes them an excellent fit for this new role.

Lauren holds a master’s degree in public administration specializing in nonprofit management and public policy from New York University and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from SUNY Cortland. Her dedication extends beyond her role at the University where she participates in various social justice and community organizing efforts in Rochester, such as the Westside Farmers Market, Taproot Collective, and Friends of Ganondagan. Lauren can often be found in her urban garden in Rochester’s 19th Ward neighborhood with her family and friends, exploring the natural gifts of the region, and building a community-based yoga and restorative justice practice.

The Sustainability Office is currently recruiting a second new position to focus on recycling and waste minimization programs. Together the new team of three will enhance and increase visibility of the University’s efforts in sustainability. For more information about the University’s sustainability efforts, visit


Written by Carole Wilay ‘25

Top photo by University of Rochester / Richard Baker

Bottom photo provided by Lauren Caruso


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  1. Your journey from the Center for Community Engagement to this new role is truly remarkable. Excited to see how you’ll amplify sustainability programs and engage with students, faculty, and staff for positive change.

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