Student’s Corner

Welcome to the University of Rochester Class of 2026 students and transfers! And welcome back to everyone else. There is a wide variety of environmental and sustainability related organizations at the University to get involved with. Following groups on Instagram is a great way to stay up to date on things like meetings and various programming and updates. Keep reading to learn about student clubs and other organizations at the University and how you can be involved.


Facilities Team Green (@ursustainable)

We can’t not include ourselves, Facilities Team Green on the list. We are made up of three student employees and are overseen by our supervisor, Amy Kadrie, the University Sustainability Coordinator. We use our social media to promote our recycling and sustainability programs on campus, as well as our monthly student events. 


Dining Team Green (@ursustainibble)

Dining Team Green is also made up of student employees and promotes sustainability within the Dining department at UR. They also have student events throughout the year.


Grassroots (@urgrassroots)

Grassroots is a student organization based on River Campus that is dedicated to creating and pushing for sustainable action at UR. They have frequent meetings along with clothing exchanges and other larger events throughout the year, such as Dump & Run in May.


Environmental Activism Club (@esm.enviroclub)

Environmental Activism Club is similar to Grassroots but is based at Eastman. They often host meetings and events interacting with other community groups such as the Ghandi Institute and Climate Solutions Accelerator. They’ve previously hosted many food donation and trash pick-up walks in the surrounding area.


Society of Earth and Environmental Science Students (@ur.sees)

If you are any major in the department of Earth and Environmental Sciences check out SEES where you can meet other students also in the department. They host educational and social events throughout the year, sometimes in conjunction with the Department. 


Food Recovery Network (@uofrfrn) 

The Food Recovery Network collects leftover food from campus dining locations. The food is donated to help fight food insecurity in Rochester and reduce the amount of food sent to landfills. They regularly donate over 200 meals per week in Rochester, one of the most food insecure cities in New York.


GreenSpace (@urgreenspace)

GreenSpace is a special interest housing group for students passionate about sustainability. Joining GreenSpace can be a great option for students, but for those who don’t want to live on the Quad or take on the extra responsibilities, GreenSpace also occasionally hosts events open to all students.


EcoReps (@ecorepsur)

EcoReps is a program for incoming first year students to learn more about environmental topics and educate others in the dorms on sustainability issues on campus, such as how to properly recycle and save energy. 


Sustainability Through Engineering (@uofr_se)

Sustainability Through Engineering (formerly Engineers for a Sustainable World) is committed to the promotion of sustainability through student-led projects and hosts events throughout the year such as a tour of the Central Utility Plant, an internship panel, and an urban infrastructure hackathon. 


Student Association of Vegan and Vegetarian Youth (@savvyrochester)

While not everyone is vegan or vegetarian for sustainability reasons, that can often be at least a partial reason. If you’re vegan, vegetarian, or interested in reducing your meat consumption, join SAVVY at one of their meetings or “Supper with SAVVY” events where you can make vegan and vegetarian dishes in the Douglass Community Kitchen. 

Written by Sarah Woodams ‘24 (T5)