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Are you looking to meet like minded individuals interested in sustainability and the environment this semester? Good news! The Activities Fair is happening this Friday, September 2, where you can connect with student organizations. We have included some you should plan to check out as well as an opportunity for recent UR graduates as well.

As a student on campus, there are many clubs and organizations you can join. Here are some of them:

Grassroots is an environmental action and awareness group. The group strives to make an impact both on and off campus through either direct action (ex. river clean ups, site remediation), as well as by supporting local initiatives. They make an impact on campus through initiatives such as improving resource use, re-purposing space for gardens, managing recycling, supporting local foods, and increasing awareness. Ongoing programs include a monthly Clothing Exchange, education about the campus recycling standard, the annual Earth Day celebration (including speakers, off campus trips, hands-on activities, and more), and various volunteer opportunities.

GreenSpace is a special interest housing organization whose mission is for students to live together, learn from one another, and promote environmentally conscious college lifestyles. GreenSpace is located in Burton Hall, which is close to the tunnels, Wilson Commons, and the mail center, making it a convenient place to live.

ESW is a student organization that has multiple chapters around the world. It is an organization committed to the promotion of sustainability around campus and the local community through interdisciplinary student-led projects. Past projects of the group include but are not limited to making their own biofuel by using waste oil from the dining halls, a bee keeping project and aquaponics.

SEESS fosters a strong community where students can bond over similar passions while expanding their academic and professional networks. It intends to expose students to the earth and environmental sciences outside the classroom through seminars, guest speakers in related fields, educational field trips, group discussions, and other social events. They also help to inform students about career paths after college, prepare them for graduate school, and provide crucial networking opportunities. SEESS is a resource, a support system, and a way of uniting all students, staff, and faculty in the Earth & Environmental Sciences department.

EcoReps are incoming first-year students with a desire to promote change. There are 30 EcoReps each year with at least one on each floor of the first-year dorms. They are mentored by two upperclassmen student leaders who are experienced in on-campus environmental efforts and who have both themselves gone through the EcoReps Program. EcoReps educate the students in their halls on environmental issues like waste reduction and energy conservation by planning dorm activities and events.

If you are a student or new graduate looking to build a post-grad network, consider joining this:

This is an online platform that provides a way for the University of Rochester community to come together and explore opportunities for personal and professional development. It offers many opportunities for students, faculty and alumni to make connections with others in their field, region, and industry. The platform has more defined filters and results than LinkedIn which allows users to improve and strengthen their  network with special access to the University of Rochester community.

The Environment and Sustainability group on the Meliora Collective platform offers a forum to connect students with alumni working in this field, to connect alumni with one another, and to share departmental events such as new faculty hires or research developments. For students, this group is recommended particularly for those pursuing majors in Earth and Environmental Sciences, minors in Sustainability, or involved with extracurricular groups that focus on sustainability (such as EcoReps, Engineers for a Sustainable World, Grassroots, etc.).


Written by Hanyia Ahmed, Class of 2022

Image Source: Pixabay

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