New Bike Rack Installation with Solar-Powered Lighting

As spring is in bloom and the snow is melting away, bicycles are being seen more frequently on campus. University community members can now utilize two new bike rack installments. One is located beside the Computer Studies Building and the other on Library Road alongside the electric charging station for vehicles.

Signage on the Dero vertical bike racks explains the loading process.

The new installation project was prompted by the successful bike cage located on the ground level of the Medical Center parking garage. Various bicycles have been seen stored in the cage including those owned by students and medical staff. Unlike traditional bike racks, the bike cage and new installments on the River Campus store bikes vertically which saves space and allows for easier access.

The bike shelter on Library Road, located next to the Goergen Athletic Center (pictured above), provides 40 vertical bike slots and 10 ground bike slots. The over-sized roof structure protects bicycle enthusiasts from adverse weather conditions. In addition, lighting is powered by the solar energy collected from the panels placed on top. “Our goal for the new Shelters – To provide attractive, weather-protected & well-lit bicycle storage at ideal Campus locations,” states Director of Planning and University Architect Charles Gantt.

The Library Road bike shelter is strategically placed next to the electric vehicle charging station and near the bus stop to promote other eco-friendly transportation options. For information regarding bringing bikes on shuttles, visit this site. The shelter is in a central location that is convenient for those accessing the First Year Hill, Frederick Douglass, and Wilson Commons. The solar-powered shelter is a prototype for future bike shelters that will also be strategically placed in accessible areas on campus.

The new rack located in the covered area outside of the Computer Studies Building.

Bike registration is available to the University community free of charge and is highly encouraged in order to prevent bike theft and assist law enforcement in recovering stolen property. Members of the University community also have access to free instructional seminars on bike safety and maintenance. The one-hour sessions are offered through Zoom. The full schedule is available here.

The University continues to promote transportation alternatives through UR Connections which aims to reduce commuting costs and campus congestion while supporting sustainability efforts. The campaign can also be recognized by its subcategories “get a ride,” “share a ride,” “skip the ride.”

For more information about bicycle accommodations and other transportation inquiries, please contact the Department of Transportation and Parking Management.


Written by Emily Su, Class of 2022

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