Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The University of Rochester has installed two dual electric vehicle charging stations on its campuses. One is located on the south side of the Saunders Research Building by the loading dock. This is accessible from Kendrick Road, south of the Kendrick Road and Crittenden Boulevard intersection. The other is located on Library Road, attached to the Goergen Athletic Center building. When traveling up Library Road, it is inset on your right hand side.

The four spaces are open to the public, and can be accessed through an application called “ChargePoint,” which you must download prior to use. The stations will be available for the duration of a charge, which is on average two hours long. Both stations are Level Two stations, meaning they are 240V and will charge a fully depleted battery in three to six hours. Once a vehicle finishes charging, the ChargePoint app will notify you and you must move your EV to a regular spot.

The University put forward this initiative because it recognized the need for charging stations, due to the growing popularity of electric vehicles. They were installed with the help of funding from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

The charging stations do not cut into existing parking, as none of the four spaces were previously used for permanent parking. For those wondering about the energy savings acquired from their installation, on average, each station is expected to save 0.924 pounds of CO2 per kWH. Since the units have been installed, 181 kg of greenhouse gas emissions has been avoided, which is equivalent to planting 5 trees and letting them grow for 10 years.

For questions and concerns about the program, reach out to University Transportation and Parking at parking@rochester.edu.


Written by Teddi Shapiro, Class of 2019

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