Innovative Bike Cage Installed in Medical Center

With new cycle track construction in College Town prompted by Bike Rochester, Department of Transportation and Parking Management began its bike cage project in the Medical Center parking garage. The hope is that the convenient bike cage will attract more people to opt for bicycle transportation.

Project Manager Doug Grotke says that the goal of the project is “…to promote getting people out of single-occupancy vehicles so they aren’t bringing vehicles to campus and to promote riding and transportation demand initiatives.”

The new bike cage is double the size of the previous bike rack area and can now store 80 bicycles. Unlike traditional bike racks found around campus, the new installment stores bikes vertically which saves space and allows for easier access. The signage on the Dero bike racks (pictured below) explains the process.

When storing bicycles in the new cage area, bicycle enthusiasts can appreciate the shelter from Rochester’s various weather conditions. Additionally, the swipe-access system and enclosed gate help to provide extra security. There is also a repair station for cage uses to utilize should they need to.

Bicyclists can purchase a bike locker permit through the Parking Management Center for only $40. For an additional $44, users of the cage gain access to showers in URMC’s Fitness & Wellness Center to freshen up upon arrival.

Bike registration is free of charge and highly encouraged in order to prevent bike theft and assist law enforcement in recovering stolen property. For those who do not own a bike on campus, the Pace bike share program offers 46 stations and 340 bikes in the Rochester area.

Members of the University community also have access to free instructional seminars on bike safety and maintenance. The one-hour sessions are offered multiple months on the Eastman campus, River campus, and Medical Center. The 2019 schedule can be found here.

The University continues to promote transportation alternatives through UR Connections which aims to reduce commuting costs and campus congestion while supporting sustainability efforts. The campaign can also be recognized by its subcategories “get a ride,” “share a ride,” “skip the ride.”

For more information about bicycle accommodations and other transportation inquiries, please contact the Department of Transportation and Parking Management.


Written by Emily Su, Class of 2022


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  1. Hi, Kathryn. The revenue generated through the sale of bike cage locker permits is being used to pay for the complete renovation of the bike cage that took place last year. As the article points out, all new bike racks were installed as well as a new secure swipe system to enter the bike cage. Flooring and lighting was also replaced. In addition, the fees will be used for any on-going maintenance as well as cleaning.

  2. Sad to see there is a charge to employees and students for this. Why not make it free- to encourage a healthier commute and taking cars of of the pkg lots? Unfortunate

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