Recycling Resources for Gadgets and Things

With at-home cleanouts, you may find yourself left with a variety of items you want to discard. Many are unsure what to do with various types of gadgets and miscellaneous items in order to handle them the most environmentally responsible way. If you are confused, you are not alone. Waste management standards are different in every city and county. For those of us who live in Monroe County, thankfully the ecopark facility has reopened with some new restrictions.

The Recycling/Disposal Guide for Home Gadgets and Devices linked below can help you determine the best disposal method based on your area. The guide highlights the following:

  • List of household materials that are classified as hazardous and require a special disposal process.
  • How to dispose of electronic devices.
  • Organizations that assist in recycling or disposing of hazardous materials.
  • How to back up and erase personal information from devices.

To visit this guide in full click here.

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