Endangered Animal Species: Red Wolf

Thousands of endangered species around the world are on the brink of extinction. And human beings are bio-diversity’s greatest enemy: we’re responsible for the endangered status of 99% of at-risk species.

A handful of conservationists have been hard at work changing the story for a number of endangered populations. But in the U.S., hundreds of species are still fighting a losing battle for survival.

NetCredit created a series of posters celebrating the wildlife that each State could lose forever. The image above is the red wolf of Florida. At over a meter long with yellow-brown fur and reddish legs, neck and ears, the red wolf is an elegant creature. It is believed to be a descendant of the gray wolf and coyote. But humans have long held different beliefs about the creature. The first settlers offered bounties for the wolves, believing them to be in cahoots with the devil. Their diet of rabbits, rodents and raccoons has also extended to livestock, which has resulted in further culling.  Today, Florida’s last remaining red wolves exist only in captivity.

See the full collection of images at NetCredit here. 

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