Eco-Conscious Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! As with most holidays and celebrations, there is a tendency to overbuy for Valentine’s Day, which often does not benefit the environment in the long run. By no means, I am suggesting eliminating gifts for the sake of reducing waste. Your beloved is valuable and deserves attention in whichever way you want to express your emotions. However, you can still offer uncompromised presents while staying eco-conscious. Here are a few ideas for an eco-friendly Valentine’s Day!

Buy local, organic flowers. Due to their proximity to consumers, local products have a much lower carbon footprint than their imported counterparts. By purchasing local, organic flowers, you will not only lower your carbon footprint but also support local farmers and florists. 

Send a recycled card. Many greeting card companies are committed to preserving forests and market cards made with recycled paper. Recycled cards are almost indistinguishable from those made with virgin fibers. Purchasing a single recycled card might pale in comparison to the enormous global paper consumption; however, it shows your support to eco-friendly companies and is a step towards an eco-conscious lifestyle. 

Give homemade presents. I have always been a big fan of homemade gifts. They carry thought and personality at a much deeper level than any expensive store item. A personally crafted gift to your beloved is a direct reflection of your time, energy and passion. In the process, you will reduce carbon footprint given that your gift was not manufactured halfway across the globe.


Written by Kelly Jean, Class of 2021

Image by Pixabay

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