Sustainability Superstar: Brady Fergusson

A few months back when we covered climate change in the newsletter, Brady Fergusson, Senior Academic Advisor, David T. Kearns Center, reached out to us about his involvement with the Rochester People’s Climate Coalition. Brady got involved with the organization soon after it was created, around the time of the People’s Climate March in September 2014. He was recruited to speak as part of a series of testimonials from individuals who have gotten involved in climate change action. Brady spoke about climate change migrants and how he’s worked to raise awareness and advocate for them.

When referring to climate change migrants, Brady says, “I am discussing people who have to move because of the impacts of climate change. Some are displaced within their countries and others are forced to migrate to another country.” Brady usually talks about his own family and friends in Kiribati, who will be forced to leave their islands in the Central Pacific Ocean due to climate change and rising sea levels. Kudos to you, Brady, for advocating for something meaningful to you, and using your platform to educate others!

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