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Happy Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t read my article on eco-conscious Valentine’s Day, check it out here. I gave some tips for an eco-friendly Valentine’s Day. In this follow up article, I want to share a few gift ideas for your significant other and loved ones. Check them out if you need to make a last-minute purchase!

Fair Trade chocolate. Valentine’s Day is almost synonymous with “chocolate” day. Sadly, the production conditions of this unavoidable gift item are mostly less than ideal and rather disturbing. However, some chocolate companies make an effort to ethically source their cocoa. When picking up a chocolate bar from the supermarket, look for a Fair Trade or similar label. This way, you won’t be supporting child labor indirectly. 

Living Plants. Roses, tulips are a great option to show appreciation however, they will not last very long. Why not get your significant other a living plant along with flowers? Several indoor plants such as succulents are arguably as appealing as flowers. In addition, they will improve wellbeing over a long period.

Ethical Honey. What’s sweeter than treating your honey with ethically produced honey? Many local beekeepers prioritize the welfare of bees over profit. Purchasing ethical honey is a great way to support businesses that care about our ecosystem. 

Sustainable & Ethical Jewelry. Planning on gifting with jewelry? Why not look into sustainable brands with thoughtful sourcing and give-back initiatives. Check out this article for a list of ethical jewelry brands.


Written by Kelly Jean, Class of 2021

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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  1. This student’s insightful post offers valuable suggestions for eco-conscious Valentine’s Day gifts. From Fair Trade chocolate to sustainable jewelry, the article promotes thoughtful choices that show affection while considering ethical and environmental impact.

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