Sustainability Superstars

The Green Dandelion features a “Sustainability Superstars” section of its blog. This section highlights University employees, staff, and faculty who have been noticed for doing something sustainable that will have an impact, no matter how big or small the act. These acts can range from bringing in reusable utensils to starting a sustainability committee. This initiative was started by the Green Reps program to recognize individuals who strive for sustainability.

The first Sustainability Superstar, David Goldfarb, professor of biology, was recognized just a year ago. Goldfarb joined forces with representatives from the departments of chemistry and earth and environmental sciences to create the Hutchison Hall Sustainability Committee (HHSC). The HHSC was formed to improve the building’s energy consumption and conserve resources. Initiatives include improving lighting efficiency and reducing printing within the building.

Another Sustainability Superstar is Lesia Vincent of Primary Care Administration located in Corporate Woods (pictured above). Vincent donated books to the Little Free Library program, a free book exchange whose motto is “take a book, return a book.” The University has Little Free Library boxes in Whipple Park, University Park, and URMC Children’s School where books can be given a new life with help from people like Lesia.

The idea behind Sustainability Superstars is that any act, no matter how big or small, does make a difference, and deserves recognition. If you know of any Sustainability Superstars, please contact the Green Reps program by emailing Read about more Sustainability Superstars on The Green Dandelion blog.


Written by Mariah Greico, Class of 2018