Zero Waste at Hillside

This past summer, I got into the zero waste movement. If you have not heard of
the zero waste movement, it can encompass the following: food consumed has little to
no packaging, beauty/self care products are in bottles that can be recycled or returned
to the producer, clothing comes from second hand shops, and instead of using plastic –
opting for reusable options. Of course the movement is ever growing and expanding,
and has much more to offer but that is for another blog post!

Both Danforth and Douglass have minimal waste and are an excellent option for
a zero waste dining experience. However, I thought it would be fun to challenge myself
explore what options may be available at Hillside. Going through, I found that there
were quite a few different ways to be zero waste.

Here are some tips for some simple zero waste meals.

1. Go for some pasta and sauce! – Hillside offers Barilla pasta in a box that
can be recycled. They even offer a gluten free option! Next, pick a sauce
that comes in a glass jar. I personally opted for a vegan alfredo sauce but
they had everything from a simple tomato sauce to vegan pesto. The
sauce container can be saved and reused to store other items (like your
leftover pasta).

2. Another option is their wide variety of canned soups. The cans can be
recycled once they’re rinsed.

3. Opt for one of the many package free vegetables available, such as,
potatoes, peppers, garlic, or onions. Bonus tip: Add these to elevate your
other dishes!

By using these tips and trying out different combinations, there could be an
unlimited amount of dishes. Starting small and aiming to eat zero waste once a week
can have a huge impact on the health of our planet in the long run.

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Guest Post Written by Nic Hesse, Dining Team Green Marketing Intern, Class of 2019

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