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Welcome back to campus!


As you move in and catch up with friends, be sure to visit the “yellow brick road” path from Intercampus Dr. to the Med Center and check out the horticulture garden that was planted this summer by the University’s Horticulture & Grounds department. Initiated by Dan Schied, Horticulture & Grounds Manager, the “Living Garden” is an example of how agriculture, plant conservation, and landscape art can all coexist and serve a functional purpose for the entire community.

The garden contains several vegetable plants including eggplants, squash, broccoli, corn, and peppers, as well as tomato plants and several herbs. Visitors can pick whatever they think would really tie together their next meal-on Monday, I decided to grill the 2 small heads of broccoli that I picked and it was a great addition to our grilling session that everyone seemed to enjoy! People strolling through can also enjoy the beauty of the flowers growing in the garden, as well as read up on some fun facts about the Livable Garden and its contents.


Mr. Shied took it all a step further and planted several pumpkin seeds along the fence behind the garden, which have thrived in this Rochester weather and have grown enormous!! While these are not for picking, they are a great sight that you can’t miss!


What do you think the University should do with all of the pumpkins?? Comment below !!










Written by Ainslee Cunningham, class of 2014.

Photo credit: Ainslee Cunningham

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