Welcome Back Students!

August is always an exciting month here at UR’s Recycling office. The focus is on preparing for students to return to campus, or in the case of freshmen, move into campus for the very first time.  Each year we take the time to put up educational material into every bathroom stall of all the residential buildings. It is a time-consuming process to cover nearly 1,000 stalls, but this has proven to be a very effective method of getting the word out to students. Our design this year was a white-board look (see below).


In this preparation, training for our Dining Services and Environmental Services staff is very important. Recycling coordinator Amy Kadrie first put on a presentation for all of the Aramark Managers. Our office then participated in a day-long training event for Dining Services staff in which group of employees tested their knowledge of recyclable and compostable materials by competing in a recycling sorting game. The Facilities Environmental Services team will be next as they’re first monthly meeting of the semester will include a recycling 101 refresher.

The fun really begins once early arriving students start coming to campus. Among this group are the EcoReps. EcoReps are new incoming freshmen guided by two upperclassmen leaders who educate the students in their halls on environmental issues like waste reduction and energy conservation by planning dorm activities and events. Their special pre-orientation program included in-depth information about recycling at UR so they would be ready to answer all the how-to questions coming from their fellow classmates. EcoReps also help with the breakdown and recycling of cardboard boxes as well as a special Styrofoam collection on move-in day.

Also occurring on freshmen move-in day is the freshmen EXPO. University Facilities and Services holds a table each year to welcome students with a free gift. This year we gave away solar powered flashlight key chains, offered recycling information while playing this fun and informative video created by Melissa Kullman and Lauren Henry:


For the third year in a row, Dining’s Team Green has put together a Green Orientation EXPO as part of the schedule. Various green campus groups participate to introduce freshmen of their programs and initiatives. The Facilities recycling office held two tables. One to promote the Go Green Pledge and a second dedicated to recycling on campus. The new interns for Facilities Team Green all participated!


We welcome all students and are looking forward to a great year!