My top 6 sustainability efforts

The is the list of the small things that I do at work and at home to be more sustainable. They may seem minor, but I hope they add up.

  1. I always use revolving doors whenever possible. I know they waste less energy. Sometimes it is embarrassing walking past everyone to go to the revolving door, but I’ve made the commitment. I do not like feeling that cold rush of air entering a building when you know by just taking a few extra steps, using the revolving door, the cold air would stay outside.
  2. Even though I drive a car that is not the best for gas mileage, I always drive conservatively. I rarely gun my car. I use cruise control whenever possible. I typically drive at the speed limit. I let off the gas and then roll to stop lights, rather than speed up to them and then put on the brakes.
  3. I take the stairs whenever possible and do my best to avoid elevators. I even do this in hotels. First it is good for my health and second it is great for the environment.
  4. I use an automatic thermostat in my house and keep the temperatures at conservative levels. I wear a sweater in winter and light clothing in the summer.
  5. I have an occupancy sensor in my office. Lights go off shortly after I leave and they come on as soon as I walk in.
  6. Wherever possible, I use compact fluorescent lamps in my home. Shortly (as soon as the price comes down) I will be switching to LED lamps.

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