Clay’s Green Corner

Planet pals! Happy Spring! We in the northeast are starting to see green. The snow is melting, the birds are singing and the days grow longer. I feel re-invigorated and hope you do as well.

Sometimes when warmer weather approaches we tend to place on the back burner some of our sustainability habits. Well, now is not the time. The world is still watching and hoping for the best for Japan, especially as it struggles with its nuclear power plant problems. The smarter we get at using technology and cutting our dependence on fuels that endanger ourselves and our home; the better off we will be. For many of us this is easier said then done.

How many off-site meetings/conferences do you or your colleagues attend each year? Do you drive or fly? While there is terrific value in face-to-face meetings, maybe it’s time we re-evaluated and developed some alternatives. A couple of years ago when the economy crumbled, many businesses including educational institutions restricted air travel among other cost-cutting initiatives. As the economy slowly recovers, are we back to our old habits?

Teleconferencing and webinars are great sustainable measures to embrace. It’s not only that; have you investigated the possibility of telecommunting? Job sharing?  We in University Facilities and Services are dedicated to being on-site since our presence is vital to the University in accomplishing its mission. However, even we can challenge long held assumptions and re-think how we do business. Change is hard. We are creatures of habits. Look for alternatives, support your argument with data/cost savings.

We can’t wait for another catastrophe to occur, either man-made or nature exerting its power. We can change. We have to.

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