Raman Spectra of Cornea (Raw and Smoothed Data)



Notable Peaks

Amide III (protein): 1225-1275 cm-1

Amide I (protein): 1640-1675 cm-1

Phenylalanine (amino acid): 1003 cm-1

Tryptophan (amino acid): 760 cm-1 and 881 cm-1

Tyrosine (amino acid): 646 cm-1

CH2-CH3 bending band: 1275-1500 cm-1

Most peaks are accurately represented in our data, however some peaks seem to be shifted. Such as our Phenylalanine peak at 1010 cm-1 when it should be at 1003 cm-1. We believe this is an issue with the calibration from pixel to wavelength.