Learn Your Carbon Footprint

Some calculators even reveal how many “worlds” it would take to support a global population who lived like you. Because we rarely think of sustainability in number of worlds, these devices help offer new, and unique perspectives on how big our impact really is.

Sustainability Research with UR Faculty

Are you interested in doing sustainability related research, or do you want to get connected to University of Rochester faculty who share an interest in sustainability? At the U of Read More …

Environmental Movies to Watch on Netflix

If you’re like most college students (or really anyone, let’s be honest), you’ve spent a good few hours watching shows and movies on Netflix. Many of us probably feel guilty Read More …

Guest Posting – The True Cost of Meat

Sophie Sophie Bell-Rhone has provided The True Cost of Meat, on behalf of NeoMam Studios. Scroll through to see an analysis of the effects of meat on the environment.