Sustainability Research with UR Faculty

Are you interested in doing sustainability related research, or do you want to get connected to University of Rochester faculty who share an interest in sustainability? At the U of R, there are over 70 professors that are either conducting research in a field related to sustainability, or teaching courses related to the subject. And don’t be discouraged if your major doesn’t appear to be directly related to sustainability – you don’t have to be an environmental science major to get academically involved in sustainability! Courses and research associated with sustainability are available in subjects such as dance and philosophy.

Check out the list faculty either teaching or doing sustainability-related research:


Anthony Carter

Ayala Emmett (emeritus)

Kristin Doughty

Robert Foster

Joseph Lanning

Maryann McCabe

Lois Metcalf

John Osburg

Dan Reichman

Art and Art History

Cary Peppermint

Joan Saab


James Fry

Richard Glor

Robert Minckley

John Jaenike

Anthony Olek

John Werren

Chemical Engineering

Mitch Anthamatten

Eldred Chimowitz

Ben Ebenhack (emeritus)

R Jiang

Jacob Jorne

Doug Kelley

Ching Tang

David Wu

Matt Yates


Kara Bren

Todd Krauss

Udo Schroeder

Computer Science

Michael Scott


Robert Loughridge

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Karen Berger

Rory Cottrell

Cindy Ebinger

Udo Fehn (emeritus)

Penny Higgins

John Kessler

Vasilii Petrenko

Bob Poreda

John Tarduno


Mike Rizzo

R Tomaszewsk

Michael Wolkoff

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Thomas Jones


Leila Nadir


Theodore Brown

Gerald Gamm

Joseph Inikori

Elias Mandala

Stewart Weaver

International Relations

A Cohon

S Ray

R Stone

Medical Center

Camille Martina

Katrina Korfmacher

David Rich

Jeff Wyatt


Duncan Moore


Randall Curren

Richard Dees

William Fitzpatrick


David Douglass


Political Science

Avidit Acharya

Morris Pierce

Lawrence Rothenberg

Valeria Sinclair-Chapman

Public Health

Nancy Chin

Susan Fisher

Margie Shaw

Edwin Van Wijngaarden

Katie Van Wert

Warner School

Nancy Ares

David Hursh

To find out more about courses and faculty involved in sustainability, check out this site.

Written by: Ciara McGillivray, Class of 2015

Photo: Students Bring Fresh Perspective and New Technology to Webb Telescope Matthew Bolcar a graduate student from the University of Rochester, N.Y. now works at Goddard full-time. Credit: NASA/GSFC/Chris Gunn

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