Four lifestyle changes that are good for the environment

Lifestyle changes that are good for the environment. It is much easier to think of sustainability as being small actionable steps that can lead to a big difference. Regardless of Read More …

Learn Your Carbon Footprint

Some calculators even reveal how many “worlds” it would take to support a global population who lived like you. Because we rarely think of sustainability in number of worlds, these devices help offer new, and unique perspectives on how big our impact really is.


The Ecological Footprint When discussing environmental impacts, our “footprint” on the earth is something that is thrown around quite often. A lot of projections and estimations come from data gathered Read More …

Winter Transportation: How to Be Green Even When There’s White

Did you know that in downtown Rochester, there once was a complex subway system in which passengers could travel anywhere the city?

What is Carbon?

Carbon is often treated as a “dirty” word in environmental circles. Carbon footprint, carbon emissions, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are all commonly discussed in environmental conversations.