Tips for a Sustainable Move

As students pack up and prepare to move out of their dorms, we would like to share a few tips to minimize waste while still being efficient. These tips can also be helpful when cleaning out your home. Moving can be stressful, but at least you’ll know you’re doing so in a mindful way.

  1. Pack Smart

Instead of using newspaper, bubble wrap, or other traditional packaging items, try using a t-shirt or towel to pack. If you still need to use actual packaging products, opt for re-using old newspaper or recycled paper.  You can also use containers you already have to maximize the space in your storage unit, luggage, or car. Pro tip: mini fridges can store quite a few t-shirts.

2. Donate and recycle

There will probably be a lot to throw out when you start to clean and pack up. Instead of tossing everything into the trash bin, see if you can donate items to some friends who will be staying on campus. Be sure to check out the Move-out Cleanout and other donation programs on campus. There are also some donation collection places in the Rochester area like Goodwill, but be sure to call in advance to check their availability. As always, be sure to comply with the recycling guidelines on campus by referring to the poster provided here

3. Minimize number of trips

Whether you are planning on storing your belongings in a storage locker or are bringing everything with you, try to minimize the number of trips you take. Doing so can greatly reduce time spent traveling and the amount of carbon dioxide released into the environment.


Written by Emily Su, Class of 2022.

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