Reusing Toilet Paper Rolls

Remember when everyone rushed to the stores to grab toilet paper??? Long lines and empty shelves were a common sight. While it’s no secret that we have created more waste in the past few months, there are ways to minimize our impact on the environment, beginning with toilet paper. Instead of tossing the cardboard tubes into the recycling bin, try giving them a new purpose first.


DIY Bird Feeder

Cover tubes with some peanut butter, roll the sticky tubes in birdseed, and hang them from a tree.


Seedlings Starter

Prepare for your garden this spring by starting seeds in toilet paper roll pots. Cut four half-inch slits on one end of a roll, and fold the flaps over each other to close off one end of the tube. Fill with dirt and plant your seeds. The cardboard should break down in the soil, but you can also remove it before planting.


Wrapping Paper Holder

Keep your wrapping paper neat and tidy all year long by using toilet paper tubes to hold them in place.


Cord Organizers

Never get frustrated with tangled cords again. Simply fold the cord and use a roll to store it.


Art Projects

Cut the tubes into small pieces and glue them together to make a wreath or some wall art. Or, use the tubes as heart and bunny stamps like shown below.













Written by Emily Su, Class of 2022

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