Win a Solar Power Bank Though our Social Media Promotions!

In an effort to maintain student-led outreach throughout the course of an unorthodox semester, Facilities Team Green has implemented two virtual promotions. These online promotions, conducted via UR Sustainable on Facebook and Instagram, fall under the Campus Race to Zero Waste (CR2ZW) event and promotion lineup. Contestants of both promotions will be entered into a sweepstake in which two lucky participants will win a SOLAR POWER BANK!

UR Sustainable’s Facebook Frame, launched earlier this month, allows our followers to show their support of the University’s participation in the Campus Race to Zero Waste by adding a customized frame to their profile picture.  Followers have the opportunity to enter into a sweepstakes upon adding the Zero Waste Jackets frame to their profile. Add the frame to your profile and tag @UR_Sustainable by the competition’s end date of Saturday, March 27, to be entered in the sweepstake.

Our other virtual promotion, the Valentines Selfie Challenge, will run from Sunday, February 14th – Sunday, February 21st.  You can particpate in this one on Instagram as well as Facebook. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, this challenge encourages followers to share their reasons for why they love planet Earth.  One way participants can do this is to write “I love the Earth because…..(insert personal piece here),” on a dry erase board, piece of construction paper, or really anything that is creative and legible. Next, participants are asked to take a selfie holding their “I love the Earth because” message, and post it to either Instagram or Facebook. One example is posted above, but we invite participants to get creative in sharing the love. You can use props, add text over pictures, take an action shot of you doing something planet-friendly, or come up with another way to depict your love for the earth. All participants should tag @UR_Sustainable and use #CR2ZW2021 when posting their picture to be entered to win a SOLAR POWER BANK!

For more information, visit the Campus Race to Zero Waste website. To learn about the University of Rochester’s promotional campaign, visit our latest Go Green article and view our event lineup poster.

Please visit UR Sustainable’s Facebook page and Instagram page for updates and details. We hope to see your smiling face with both the Zero Waste Jackets frame, and the Valentines Selfie Challenge!

Written by Dax Emerson, Class of 2021