Dining Services Partners with Local Bakery for Gluten-free Desserts

Gluten-free sweet treats from Molecular Eaterie and Patisserie will be available on campus this upcoming semester for students, faculty and staff to enjoy. Molecular is a small business with a new storefront located across the Genesee River in Brooks Landing. Founder and Chef India Childers creates gluten-free products available for those who need, or may simply enjoy, the products.

By partnering with Molecular, Dining Services continues to support local businesses in the Rochester community while providing more food options for those with dietary restrictions. Food allergies require that the preparation environment is separate from the other areas to prevent contamination. For example, the allergy-free station in Frederick Douglass Commons has a separate kitchen where the most common allergens are not used. Similarly, Molecular has a gluten-free environment for those with gluten restrictions. Molecular offers many delectable dessert options including pies, tarts and cookies in a variety of flavors.

Among many sustainable initiatives, Dining Services is committed to purchasing food locally.  Since the food is only transported a short distance, buying local reduces the amount of gasoline needed and CO2 emissions released in driving the products to campus. The close proximity to campus also allows for smoother communication between chefs from both the University and Molecular collaborate to understand and meet the needs of Dining Services.

“I am extremely excited for Molecular Bakery to be one of our new partners. India brings passion, innovation, and excellence to her baked products,” says Executive Chef, Tony Pignagrande. “Her menu is packed with incredible baked products, and everything is gluten-free.”

In an interview (linked below), Chef India introduces her business and provides tips for at-home bakers who are experimenting with gluten-free cuisine.

Dining Services also offers cooking tips for everyone through its virtual cooking series. Originally an in-person event, the virtual series occurs monthly with demonstrations from different University chefs. There are various topics like cooking vegan and making a meal from foods purchasable at the Hillside market. Upcoming videos include cake decorating 101 and tips on how to utilize a whole chicken. The Green Reps will be hosting a class with the theme “Eat What You Grow” on February 12 from 3:00 to 3:30 p.m. Please email Green Reps if you would like to join this event. For more information, visit the Dining Services website and Instagram.


Written by Emily Su, Class of 2022

Photo Credits: Molecular Eaterie and Patisserie


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