Welcome EcoReps!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the class of 2024 EcoReps, who have now arrived on campus!! EcoReps are enthusiastic incoming first-year students with a desire to promote change. They serve as a sort of “green RA” on the floors in which they live. Right off the bat they received training on the basics of recycling at the University of Rochester, as the most common questions they first receive are regarding recycling. They are also helping to break down and consolidate cardboard for recycling during move-in time. While first-year move-in normally occurs in just one day, this year’s move-in is spread out over five days in order to properly distance students. We appreciate the additional time they will be putting in for this task! Needless to say this year’s new class is facing unprecedented challenges and we wish them the very best in looking to their own creativity to overcoming every obstacle!! You got this!!

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