Boat Responsibly: Clean, Drain, Dry. Every Time!

You can help Protect Your Waters! One of the most effective ways we can all help stop the spread of aquatic invasive species is by following proper procedures for cleaning, draining, and drying watercraft and equipment every time you leave the water.

New York’s boat stewards are here to help. You’ll find them staffing launches and boat washing stations across the state. If you’re near a boat washing station, they offer a convenient way to make sure your watercraft is free of invasive species.  Find out more by watching this new video.

Aquatic invasive species can prevent us from enjoying our lakes and rivers and can even harm native fish populations. This summer and always, help us make sure they don’t stand a chance in New York. Can we count on you to Clean. Drain. Dry. every time? Learn more about aquatic invasive species and what else you can do to help prevent their spread on our website.


Above message courtesy of the NYSDEC

Image by Pixabay

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