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The start to the year 2020 has definitely thrown us all some curveballs. The COVID-19 global pandemic has disturbed all of our lives in many ways, varying from person to person. We are all to stay home, in isolation, and adjust to a virtual world, desperately feeling the need to be productive. During this time  I’ve found it absolutely necessary to consciously work little pieces of joy into my day. Being sure to recognize and involve these bits of joy into your routine can make all the difference in your day. Here are some of the things that brighten my day and even make my lifestyle more sustainable!

Get outdoors! Going outside and refreshing your day with some vitamin D, fresh air and exercise can instantly lift your mood. Reconnecting with nature is something I believe we all could use, and now with a less busy lifestyle it seems like a great opportunity!

Clean out your room, closet, cupboards or pantry. Not only will you feel productive, you can spend time up-cycling old things instead of throwing them out! Try making a new dish out of things that need to be used up. This way you’re preventing contributing to food waste and get to make something yummy.

Engage with something creative. Whether you’re completing school online, working online from home or just feeling isolated, chances are you’re consuming a lot of information via a screen. Try to create something yourself. It’s a nice break from a constant stream of information and helps you get out some self expression.

The last, and maybe closest to my heart, is to connect with others! This can be in person (hopefully just the people you’re quarantined with) or virtually! Calling a friend, facetiming your parents- whatever it may be, we are all in this together and sharing your experiences and thoughts with a loved one can be a huge source of relief. We all feel isolated and confused but we are here to support and love one another!


Written by: Olivia Giovannini-Dolan, Class of 2020

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